Teachers protested against labor demands in several states of the country on January 9 this year (Pictures)

#9Jan | Teachers protest labor demands in several states across the country Photo: @leoperiodista

On Tuesday, January 9, education professionals began protests in several U.S. states for workplace rights and labor demands.

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Merida, Miranda, Tachira, Caracas, Monagas and other regions have united to demand a wage adjustment after more than 660 days without a raise.

carmen teresa marquezThe president of the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers declared in an interview with VPI that “education is still in a state of emergency and teachers are still rebels.”

Regarding the salary increase, Marquez’s reasoning was that “you have to have 552 dollars to pay for the food basket, and the salary of a grade 6 teacher is 798 Bs., which is 21 dollars.”

“We want a response from the government, otherwise we will continue to protest. “On Teachers’ Day, January 15, there will be a nationwide protest,” he declared.

Likewise, he emphasized, “Yes, there are dropouts, and in recent years we have seen a lot of children on the streets, especially high school students (…) There are dropouts and migrant teachers.”

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