Teachers with lower salaries. Müller: These people will get an equalization

– Every person who is employed under a contract of employment, and whose average monthly income does not exceed PLN 12,000 PLN 800 gross a month, these people will not lose in any way on the Polish Lada – assured the government spokesman.

– Due to tax settlements, there has been a wrong tax calculation in some places, in particular for teachers, and these people will necessarily receive its compensation in February and I hope that the accountants will take care of it – said Piotr Müller.

—We will prepare solutions that will enable us to do it efficiently. No person who earns up to $ 12,000 She did not lose 800 zlotys a month on the Polish Lada – he assured

– One of the reasons for a bad calculation could be an error of e.g. an accountant when it comes to calculating PIT-2. It is about not accepting this statement, but it could only be one of the reasons. Today we will also explain it in detail, so that there is no doubt – announced the government spokesman.

Teachers with lower salaries

“I got PLN 190 less”. “My paycheck is 300 zlotys less.” “About PLN 200 less”. “Salary lower by PLN 290”. These are just some of the teachers’ comments that appeared on social media, from teaching groups via Twitter to forums devoted to HR and accounting issues.

Teachers were the first to experience the Polish Order in practice, because they are one of the few professional groups to have their salaries paid in advance, which means that new rules have already been applied to calculate the transfers that went to their accounts – reports Business Insider Polska.

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