Technical characteristics and price of the new Vespa GTS 2023

The new Vespa GTS for 2023 is renewed with interventions that touch the cyclingthe technological equipment and it style, made more modern but without compromising the classic canons. Yesterday we told you about the main news, but now let’s see specifically what changes compared to the previous Vespa GTS models. First let’s talk about the design, which as anticipated has not been distorted and remains the unmistakable of all times, with the classic steel body with soft and elegant shapes. But the headlights change, with the rear and front light clusters that integrate better into the shield and earn LED lights con the front which features side profiles for the DRL.

Also new is the unmistakable “tie” with smaller friezes and a sportier design, while the handlebar has been completely redesigned: it is now wider, with the levers repositioned and the controls have all been grouped in two chromed electrical blocks. Finally, the knobs and mirrors also change, with a fresher shape. At the rear, in addition to the headlight with Full-LED lights (including arrows) were also revised the side panels, which run under the bodies and give the Vespa a cleaner and more streamlined line. The wheels are still 12 ”with road-cut tires, but gain new 5-spoke rims with a full and empty design that improves the line. As for the technological equipment the keyless system stands outpresent in all four versions, which allows you to control functions such as ignition, saddle opening, steering lock insertion etc … from the pawl located in the rear shield, keeping the remote control key comfortably in your pocket.

After the introduction of the TFT display on the SuperTech version, for 2023 a new instrumentation arrives for the other three Vespa versions (GTS, GTS Super and GTS SuperSport) which maintains the classic analogue panel under which a 3 “LCD display which can connect with the Vespa MIA system and is easily visible from the riding position, slightly revised thanks to a new saddle with optimized ergonomics, designed to facilitate the positioning of the rider’s feet on the ground and to offer greater comfort to the passenger, thanks to a larger portion.

At the cycling level comes a new front suspension, which maintains the single-arm layout of the previous unit but has been designed to offer greater stability, especially at high speeds. L’two-disc braking system sees the adoption of new calipers And new Brembo brake pumps, designed to reduce braking distances and offer better modulation to the levers. ABS and traction control remain standard

The four versions present they are all available in both 125 cc engine that 300cc. The first is the proven engine 125 i-get with electronic injection, four-valve distribution and liquid cooling capable of 14 HP at 8,750 rpm with a maximum torque of 12 Nm at 6750 rpm. The second engine, on the other hand, the most powerful mounted on a wasp, is the single-cylinder 300 cc 4-stroke, 4 valves, liquid cooled and electronic injection. Maximum power is 23.8 hp at 8,250 rpm, while maximum torque is 26 Nm at 5,250 rpm.

On the following pages find the Datasheet of the two engines, the accessories available And the price of the new Vespa GTS 125 and 300

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