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The names of the candidates admitted to the “public competition based on qualifications and exams for the filling of two positions in category D / D1 full-time and permanent with the professional profile of Technical Executive Instructor” organized by the Municipality of Casamicciola have been published. Out of a total of twenty-eight applications received by the institution, only one was not admitted, as it arrived after the deadline. Among other things, a malfunction of the certified e-mail of the protocol office had caused the arrival of two other questions outside the maximum time limit, but which were then admitted as the mistake was attributable to the Municipality. Here are the candidates admitted to the competition: Valeria Mileva; Pasqualina Della Corte; Francesco Russo; Gaetano Esposito; Mariacaterina Castagna; Giandomenico Benedetti; Luisa D’Andrea; Lucia Polito; Gioacchino De Michele; Mattia Di Costanzo; Gaetano Auricchio; Maria Grazia Formisano; Florestano Lace; Maria Grasso; Francesco Arcamone; Nello Gianberardino; Sara Castagna; Sara De Vivo; Adriano Colussi; Michele Maria Baldino; Stefania Paparatti; Agnese Cianciarelli; Simona Rubino; Francesco Distino; Vincenzo D’Andrea; Angela Di Iorio; Paola Lubrano Lavadera.

Since there are fewer than thirty applications, there will be no need for the pre-selection procedure. The competition will consist of two written tests and an oral test, on the topics covered by the announcement. The first test will consist of multiple choice questions on various subjects: technical standards for construction, design and maintenance of building works, elements of mechanical technology and electrical systems, fire prevention regulations, elements of administrative and constitutional law, system of autonomies local authorities, code of public contracts, provisions on expropriation, legislation on prevention and safety at work and on public and private construction, national and regional urban planning, legislation of local authorities.

Instead, the second test will consist of the drafting of an administrative document relating to the competitive profile. The oral exam, in addition to the topics already mentioned, will also focus on the organization of local authorities, the administrative procedure, employment relationships employed by public administrations, national works contracts, civil, criminal, administrative, accounting and disciplinary liability of the public employee, municipal statute. The oral examination will also verify the knowledge of the English foreign language and the use of the most widespread computer equipment and applications. The written tests will be passed with a minimum score of 21/30 for each test. The same mark will be required to pass the oral exam and be admitted to the final ranking. The examining commission will have a maximum of ten points for the evaluation of qualifications, which will be carried out before the oral exam.

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