Teenagers are “forced” to use an iPhone. They are threatened with social exclusion for green balloons

During the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, a lot of interesting documents have been released. Some of them concern the iMessage application. The Cupertino company has repeatedly thought about making Android smartphones available to its users, but in the end it was never decided. It turns out that this one The inconspicuous text messaging app is extremely important to teenagers and can be the deciding factor in purchasing an iPhone.

He wrote in an e-mail in 2013 Craig Federighi, head of software at Apple. A similar opinion was expressed three years later by the head of marketing Phil Schiller.

Why such fear of making the application available to a wider audience? Can a regular messaging application be that important? It turns out that it is. Especially if you are an American teenager.

Disgusting green color

Like most similar apps, iMessage allows you to have group conversations. Messages are displayed in them in two types of balloons. White and blue. However, there is also a third color: green. It only appears if the message is written from outside the iMessage application, e.g. an Android phone. According to interviews with teenagers conducted by the Wall Street Journal journalists, this color is considered inferior and is not welcome.

Grace Fang, a student from Massachusetts, noted. Jocelyn Maher from New York described the situation when she was talking to a potential Android boy via iMessage:

An internal Apple study revealed during the Epic Games trial shows that 85 percent Apple phone users send messages via iMessage. 57 percent uses Messenger, and 16 percent. with WhatsApp. iMessage is by far the dominant form of communication, and its absence can often be associated with social ostracism among young people. No wonder that over 80 percent. American teenagers use iPhones.

Blue top.  Green is not in fashion.

Blue top. Green is not in fashion.

Where did the green color come from?

According to Justin Santamaria, a former Apple engineer who worked on iMessage, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, the green balloons came from a programming need. The idea was for people working on the app to be able to easily distinguish messages from other apps, and it just stayed that way. There were no hidden intentions behind this decision, according to Justin.

Green isn’t everything

Green speech bubbles aren’t all that iMessage attracts. The app also has other features that teenagers appreciate. 3D memoji avatars or simple but popular games in the “Game Pigeon” application. The latter cannot be played by Android and iOS users, and they are very important for teenagers. They allow them to initiate contact, avoiding the pressure to come up with a conversation topic.

iMessage is a perfect example of how difficult a process changing the application that we use can be. Even if we theoretically have an alternative, in practice it often turns out to be very difficult to use. The creators of social media and applications are trying at all costs to hinder this process in order to retain users. After the recent scandals related to Facebook, many people thought of giving up using Messenger or WhatsApp. However, she was unable to do this, because she would have to convince all her friends to do so as well. That is why it is so important to introduce legal regulations that will enable communication between applications and allow for real competition between manufacturers.

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