TELEFILM CANADA: Overview of Canada’s official selection at TIFF

TELEFILM CANADA: Overview of Canada’s official selection at TIFF

From Indigenous stories to 2SLGBTQ+ content, animated shorts to documentaries, comedies to dramas, and everything in between, discover everything Canada has to offer at TIFF 2023.

Quebec directors occupy pride of place in the list of world premieres presented at TIFF: Sophie Dupuiswith Solo (a complex love story set in the world of drag); Chloé Robichaud with Happy Days; And Louise Archambault with Irena’s Vow (a Canada-Poland co-production inspired by the true story of a Polish woman who secretly welcomed 12 Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland).

The film ofAriane Louis Seize, Humanist vampire seeking consenting suicide has its North American premiere. Also selected, Simple as Sylvain (Canada-France) of Monia Chokriwhich premiered in Cannes earlier this year.

Indigenous filmmakers shine brightly, with Telling Our Storythe four-part documentary series from Kim O’BomsawinAnd Tautuktavuk (What We See) of Carol Kunnukboth world premieres, and the mockumentary Hey Viktor! of Cody Lightningpresented as its Canadian premiere.

Canadian 2SLGBTQ+ stories world premiering at TIFF include the Canada-UK co-production. Close to You of Dominic Savage, starring Elliott Page; Canada-United States co-production Backspot of DW Waterson; I Don’t Know Who You Are of Mr. H. Murray; And The Queen of My Dreams of Fawzia Mirza.

In Flames of Zarrar Kahn debuts in North America, as the Canadian director’s new documentary shot on a smartphone Deepa Mehta in collaboration with Sirat Taneja, I Am Sirat, which tells the story of a trans woman in India, has its world premiere!

Other iconic Canadian filmmakers are featured at TIFF, including Atom Egoyanincluding the opera-themed film Seven Veils (with Amanda Seyfried) has its world premiere, and Denis Cotewith the North American premiere of Miss Kenopsia.

Stories that explore the immigrant experience also get a world premiere: Ru of Charles-Olivier Michaud tells the story of a young Vietnamese woman and her family who arrive in Quebec, and the Canada-Luxembourg co-production Kanaval dHenri Pardo is about a boy who leaves Haiti to live in Canada.

The world premiere of Swan Song of Chelsea McMullan takes us behind the scenes of the production of Swan Lake of the National Ballet of Canada. Also presented as a world premiere, we find the suspense film The King Tide of Christian SparkesAnd Seagrass of Meredith Hama-Brown. Fitting In of Molly McGlynn is presented as its Canadian premiere.

For all the latest TIFF news, check our events page regularly. Until then, here is your list of Canadian projects at TIFF 2023.


  • Kanaval (Canada-Luxembourg) by Henri Pardo
  • Irena’s Vow (Canada-Poland) by Louise Archambault
  • Hey Viktor! by Cody Lightning
  • Fitting In by Molly McGlynn
  • In Flames by Zarrar Kahn
  • Humanist vampire seeking consenting suicide by Ariane Louis-Seize
  • Simple as Sylvain (Canada-France) by Monia Chokri


  • The King Tide by Christian Sparkes


  • Solo by Sophie Dupuis
  • Swan Song by Chelsea McMullan


  • Happy Days by Chloé Robichaud
  • Seven Veils by Atom Egoyan
  • Close to You (Canada-UK) by Dominic Savage
  • Ru by Charles-Olivier Michaud


  • Seagrass by Meredith Hama-Brown
  • Backspot by DW Waterson
  • I Don’t Know Who You Are by MH Murray
  • The Queen of My Dreams by Fawzia Mirza
  • Tautuktavuk (What We See) by Carol Kunnuk


  • Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe by Robert McCallum
  • Summer Qamp by Jennifer Markowitz
  • I Am Sirat by Deepa Mehta


  • Black Life: Untold Stories by Will Prosper and Duan Crichton
  • Bria Mack Gets a Life by Sasha Leigh Henry
  • Telling Our Story by Kim O’Bomsawin


  • Miss Kenopsia by Denis Côté
  • He Thought He Died by Isiah Medina
  • Laberint Sequences by Blake Williams
  • Sundown by Steve Reinke


  • 6 minutes per kilometer by Catherine Boivin
  • Aftercare by Anubha Hudson
  • All the Days of May by Miryam Charles
  • Aphasia by Marielle Dalpé
  • Baigal Nuur: Lake Baikal by Alisi Telengut
  • Bloom by Kasey Lum
  • Express by Ivan D. Ossa
  • Gaby the hills by Zoé Pelchat
  • I Used to Live There by Ryan McKenna
  • Have a child by Eric K. Boulianne
  • Meteor by Atefeh Khademolreza
  • Urban Goose by Karsten Wall
  • Motherland by Jasmin Mozaffari
  • Mothers and Monsters by Edith Jorisch
    Redlights by Eva Thomas
  • Sawo Matang by Andrea Nirmala
  • Skates by Halima Ouardiri
  • This is Not About Swimming by Marni Van Dyk
  • Xie Xie, Ollie by James Michael Chiang
  • The beast (France-Canada) by Bertrand Bonello


  • Artie Shaw: Time is All You’ve Got by Brigitte Berman


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