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Some of the Colombian soap operas have, over the years, become almost classics, having captivated not only national but also international audiences on more than one occasion.

For this reason, many have been aired once or multiple times, others have occupied the most-watched positions not only on television but also on streaming platforms such as Netflix – despite the passage of time.

That’s why below we will tell you which are those five ‘top’ telenovelas with a Colombian firm, Not only thanks to the good ratings numbers they have, but also thanks to the number of times they have been aired and the great reception they have had in other countries.

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‘female-scented coffee’

Fernando Gaitan’s creation in 1993 and tells the love story between ‘Gaviota’ played by Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Sebastián Vallejo played by actor Guy Acker.

The RCN television production was so successful that a new version of the same name was released in 2021, this time starring Laura Londona and William Levy.

This new version came to occupy the first six places on Netflix, receiving close to 10 million views on the platform by June 2022, thanks to its great reception in Latin American countries and Spain.Until the end of 2022, RCN also broadcasts Fernando Gaitan’s version.

Official posters of the most popular volumes.

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‘I’m Betty the Ugly One’

The first title that comes to mind when talking about Colombian soap operas is ‘I am Betty, the Ugly One’, also created by Fernando Gattan. The 1999 production was a success from its first broadcast. Later, in 2010, it received a Guinness record for the most successful soap opera in history.

Later, it was broadcast by RCN 21 years after its premiere and remains one of the favorite stories of the viewers. When it was on the Netflix platform, it also ranked among the top most viewed positions in Colombia and Latin America.

In addition, many countries around the world made various adaptations of the telenovela, such as the Mexican version of ‘Me Gorda Bella’. There is also a sequel titled ‘Eco Moda’ and it is known that a third season is being planned in which what happened to the protagonist will be shown more than 20 years later.The production had an average rating of 17.4 points between 1999 and 2001.

Considered one of the best productions in Colombia’s history, ‘Yo soy beti, la fe’ rating ranks fourth in Colombia’s ranking.

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‘Hawk’s Passion’

The 2003 production starring Dana García, Mario Cimarro, Paola Rey, Michelle Brown and Natasha Claus is also one of the most successful Colombian telenovelas.

This version, written by Julio Jimenez, was actually an adaptation of another Colombian telenovela from 1994 called ‘Las Aguas Manasas’.

They had an average rating of 17.8 points between 2003 and 2004 and the broadcast of ‘Pasion de Gavilanes’ in 2020 was also successful.

It is now on the Netflix platform, where it also remains among the most watched. A second season, which takes place some 20 years later with the Reyes Elizondo family, was released in February 2022 by Telemundo.

This version, written by Julio Jimenez, was actually an adaptation of another Colombian telenovela from 1994 called ‘Las Aguas Manasas’.

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‘Pedro, the scaly’

This soap opera was broadcast between 2001 and 2003, with an average rating of 13.8 points.

It starred Miguel Varoni, Javier Gómez and Sandra Reyes and tells the story of a charming and talkative man who charms others with his eloquence, but who falls in love with a woman who is ‘out of his reach’. Is.

Thanks to the success of this production, there was a ‘spin off’ called ‘Como Pedro por su casa’. According to journalist Carlos Ochoa, there is a third part of the story that will feature the original cast.

Sandra Reyes and Miguel Varoni are the protagonists of ‘Pedro, the Scally’.


snail television

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‘open heart’

This soap opera chronicles the obstacles a group of doctors face at the beginning of their careers. It was released in 2010, the most recent in the top, but still ranks as the most watched on Colombian television, with an average rating of 18.9 points in its first season.

This production had the participation of actors such as Verónica Orozco, Rafael Novoa, Natalia Durán, Juan Manuel Mendoza, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Carolina Gómez, Jorge Enrique Abello and Santiago Moure.

The first season of ‘A corazón abierto’ was broadcast in 2010 by RCN. Its average in points was 18.9, the highest since 1998, the year the people rating scale began.

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