Telepass, the news upsets everyone: now you can also ride a bicycle

Important news for Telepass. In fact, an agreement was found with a very important company operating in bike sharing! What is it about? Here are all the details on this novelty!

The Telepass is a practical device that allows you to pay the motorway toll without stopping at the toll booth. The cost, therefore, will be charged to your current account, saving you precious time. But the company has considerably broadened its horizons and for some time now allows you to take advantage of many services! In addition to the simple and practical payment of the toll, Telepass allows you to pay for parking and fuel and to rent cars and shared means of transport!

By bicycle with Telepass (Canva)

A few days ago there was an agreement between Telepass and RideMovi. The latter is one of the most developed bike sharing services in Italy. It is a free-flow service and to be able to rent a traditional or electric bike, just open the Telepass app from today and pay on the associated current account! Users can rent the bike and are not obliged to bring it back to the area where it was taken. The vehicle can, therefore, also be left in another parking station located in a different area!

The historic agreement

The agreement between the bike sharing service and Telepass will allow this to be exploited in 19 cities (at the moment). RideMovi bikes and e-bikes can be rented with the Telepass app in cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Turin and Venice and many more!

These are the words full of enthusiasm by Aldo Agostinelli, chief consumer sales and marketing officer of Telepass: “The entry of RideMovi e-bike sharing into our integrated mobility ecosystem expands the sharing mobility offer to move around the city in an alternative and sustainable way. Our mission has always been to make life easier for people on the move. Starting from the ‘historic’ fast and automatic motorway toll payment service, today Telepass offers over 20 mobility services characterized by simplicity and speed of use. Two characteristics that have always distinguished us “.

A sustainable solution

The union of intentions between Telepass and RideMovi was also favorably underlined by Alessandro Felici, CEO of RideMovi. These are his words: We are excited to join Telepass to build together an increasingly technological and sustainable future. This collaboration will have an important impact and will simplify the movement of people “.

Bike sharing Telepass 27 September 2022
Bike sharing with Telepass

Alessandro Felici concluded: “Thanks to the collaboration between Telepass and the smart bike sharing service RideMovi, we will be able to offer an even more complete experience of mobility, bringing us even closer to the goal of creating sustainable, liveable cities, with a further increase in the quality of life ”.

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