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Weather: Temperatures, soon a wave of African heat up to 43 ° C; the duration and the regions concerned

Hot on the rise in the coming days, but not everywhereTheAfrican anticyclone, indeed, in the near future it will again be able to envelop some regions of Italy with its load of boiling air.

After a few days where the sub-tropical high pressure had lost its importance in the Italian climatic context, now the situation is changing again. Very hot winds rising from the Saharan hinterland they will once again swell an anticyclonic promontory ready to invade some areas of our country.

The regions of the South and two o’clock Major Islands where already from Wednesday the thermometers will show respectable values ​​for the period. To get on the top step of the podium will be the Sicily where the maximum temperatures will already touch peaks of 43 ° C in the Palermo and of 42 ° C in the areas of Syracusan. Heat is also increasing in the rest of the South, while in the Center-North, despite the fact that it will still be hot here too, such extreme values ​​will not be reached.

Attention then to the day of Thursday 18, together with Wednesday in fact, it will probably be one of the two hottest days of this umpteenth African blaze. Observed special once again there Sicily ready to show the highest numbers in the graduated scale of the thermometers. Here, in fact, the mercury column will still reach altitude 43 ° C and always in the areas of Palermo. It will continue to be very hot in the rest of the South with peaks close to 40 ° C on some corners of Puglia and the Ionian area between Basilicata and Calabria.

In the following days, cooler air masses descending from the northern quadrants will be the basis of a thermal drop also for the central and southern regions.

And for the weekend what should we expect? Barring surprises, the arrival of theanticyclone of the Azoresbut we will give you more details about this in the next updates.

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