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Weather: Temperatures, soon African blaze with intense heat, peaks up to 45 ° C; the hottest regions

Heat peaks of up to 42 ° C in the next few daysHere comes the sixth African blaze of this crazy summer ready to bring the mercury columns back to very high values ​​in some corners of the country where you can touch peaks even close to 44/45 ° C.

Although in recent days the atmosphere had finally shown a more normal attitude to our climatic standards, theAfrican anticyclone he never really got out of the way, remaining in a sort of “watchful wait” always ready to take advantage of the first opportunity to relaunch himself to conquer our country. And here in fact, in the coming days, the patient expectation of him will be rewarded even if his attempt to regain the leading role will only partially succeed. In short, the great heat will return, but only in some areas of the beautiful country.

In fact, it will be mainly the southern regions where it has already been at the expense Wednesday 17 the mercury columns will rise dramatically until they reach the threshold of 40 ° C in many areas. To get on the top step of the podium will be the Sicily, especially on the areas of Syracuse where the thermometers can go even beyond the threshold of 44/45 ° C. It will also be very hot in the rest of the South, especially in Puglia where even here, in the Bari area and in the Foggia area, for example, the thermometers will be able to caress the threshold of 40/41 ° C.

As we go up towards the central and northern regions, although the heat will still be increasing, the thermal values ​​will remain lower with peaks around 35/36 ° C which on balance are in any case values ​​higher than the climatological average of the period. Here then things will be destined to change very quickly as a result of one disturbance waiting as early as Wednesday 17 and then Thursday 18.

Finally, what does the future hold for us? This sixth heat wave, in addition to failing to envelop the entire country, will also be different from the previous ones in terms of duration. In fact, barring surprises, he will leave Italy already at the turn of the weekend under the pressure of a revived anticyclone of the Azores ready to give us a discreet and pleasant weekend on the climatic front. But we will give you more news of this in the next updates.

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