Tempesta Stadium’s athletics track has been redesigned

The complete renovation of the athletics track at the Tempesta Stadium in Pontarlier was completed in mid-summer after four months of work. A project costing 616,000 euros that should give new inspiration to Doubs Sud Athleticism (DSA) and the “complete sport” of the future.

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When the athletics track was built at the Robert-Tempesta Stadium in Pontarlier, Usain Bolt was barely a year old and the world athletics star was called Carl Lewis. This is from 1987. Since then, apart from some cleaning, the infrastructure has suffered from the harsh winters of the Haut-Doubs and has fallen into some disrepair in recent years. Obviously, the total renovation of the track began last April (total cost 616,000 euros excluding taxes), which was completed in the middle of summer, putting the seal of renewal for Doubs Sud Athletisme Pontarlier (DSA) and its approximately 350 licensees. “The training conditions will be significantly improved. Training on the new track is good! » says club coach Christophe Clerac.

risk of injury

Because there are traces of old infrastructure on this track that has deteriorated over the years. During four months of work requiring actual masterwork down to the centimeter, a new resin was installed. “We planned for complete coverage. We also resurfaced the drainage, installed stairs and extended the jumping areas,” explains Philippe Besson, deputy in charge of sports at Pontarlier Town Hall. Training conditions will, inevitably, be much more pleasant. But above all, the risk of injury is limited. As the rain fell on the tartan, the child was never far away. “On the obstacles, it was complicated, jumping from heights we didn’t think about… There were mainly two types of injuries: slips that cause sprains and swelling type injuries that are associated with the shock wave” , explains Christophe Clerac.

Repair work on the runway, which began in 1987, lasted four months. These were executed by the Vermot company based in Gili. Photo Jean-Baptiste Poulot

hold a meeting each year

With this new tool, DSA resumes for at least fifteen years. The idea is to once again host a departmental or regional championship for the youth every year. If there is enthusiasm for road races and trail running, organizing a meet necessarily requires more supervision and training of volunteers. In the long term, whether on the part of the DSA or on the part of the Town Hall, the idea of ​​one day seeing the birth of a type of sports arena around the stadium is gaining ground. “This new track will help create great momentum with a more global mindset. On the contrary, we should have arrival of aquatic center. “We would like to create a sporty and fun ground,” says Philippe Besson.

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