Ten Haag: “We have to work as a team, we have to be united”

Ten Haag: “We have to work as a team, we have to be united”

Erik ten Haag has blamed Manchester United’s stars for not scoring enough runs in the defeat at Tottenham and asked them to take responsibility.

ten hugs Furious at how his team got swept away at high speed Tottenham Last weekend’s 2-0 loss in the second half. team player United A mediocre second performance after a barely expected 1–0 win against wolves when they raced Premier League,

“It’s not about the midfield. It’s about the back and forwards. That’s what we were prepared for”Said Ten hugs. asked about the exact reasons for the slowness of Unitedmanager said: “They didn’t run, or they ran at the wrong time, too late, especially the front, which didn’t recover”,

“That happened, you can’t go back. But it’s a necessity here if you want to win the game. We were very good in the first 35 minutes and we completely dominated the game. Should have scored but I think there were those two, they were nowhere and then things happened in the game and they got distracted, didn’t do their job. I’m not used to it from this team because they always do that Manchester United need to do 90 minutes and do it in every game, no matter what.”

ten hugs called for counter-demonstration against nottingham forest This Saturday at Old Trafford. “I told them, I explained to them that this is not acceptable”said the Dutchman. “We have to work as a team, we have to stick together. Everyone has to take responsibility.”

When asked if he is big enough to take the responsibility and accept the criticism, the boss said United Answered: “Oh, yeah. We’re in the same boat. I’m also to blame. The first two games weren’t very good, but we still won one.”,

ten hugs Supported bruno fernandes after the captain United criticized after the game against TottenhamThe midfielder’s first-half penalty demands and post-game refereeing comments were widely ridiculed.

“Of course I support him and I think he should have a say”Said ten hugs, “It’s fair and the punishment was clear, so you can express it”Said ten hugs,

“But you shouldn’t get distracted by that. You have to keep focused on your job. He is an inspiration, an example for the team, he has a good personality, so he is a very good captain.”

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