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The current dispatch of calls to conclude a PPK management contract will be the largest ever carried out. Every quarter, PFR receives information from the Social Insurance Institution about payers who have declared contributions for compulsory retirement and disability pension insurance for employed persons and checks whether they appear in the records kept by it, collecting, inter alia, data on concluded PPK management contracts.

The summons will be sent to all employers who have declared the above-mentioned contributions for employed persons, but who do not appear in the PPK records kept by PFR. Employers will receive a call to clarify this situation.

The document will be made available in the ZUS (PUE) information profile and will contain a link redirecting directly to a special form. By filling it in, the employer will be able to inform the PFR about the conclusion of the PPK management contract or about the reason for not concluding this contract. If the employer does not have a PUE, a summons will be sent to him by post.

Only three groups of entities do not have to conclude a PPK management contract. These are:

– micro-entrepreneurs, but only when all employees have submitted a declaration of resignation from making contributions to the PPK;

– natural persons employing a natural person – to the extent unrelated to its business activity;

– entities which – on the date of their inclusion in the provisions of the PPK Act – ran the Employee Pension Program (PPE) and charged and paid basic contributions to PPE in the amount of at least 3.5%. wages for a minimum of 25% of those in employment and are still eligible for this exemption.

Employers belonging to one of the above groups are required to inform the PFR about the reason for not concluding the contract.

If the employer is not released from the obligation to implement the PPK, he should conclude a PPK management contract with a designated financial institution (PFR TFI) as soon as possible or select a financial institution with which he wants to conclude this contract.

All financial institutions managing PPK accounts and their offers can be found on the official website of the program – www.mojeppk.pl

The employer has 30 days from receiving the summons to conclude a PPK management contract.

After selecting a financial institution and signing a PPK management contract, the employer should inform the PFR about it via the form received.

From November 15, at mojeppk.pl/wezienia all interested parties will find a page on calls to conclude a PPK management contract.

It will contain – written in a simple and accessible way – instructions on what to do after receiving the summons. The employer will find out who should conclude a contract, how to create a PPK and how to properly complete the form.

To help employers, PFR Portal PPK also launches two types of free online training. Both will be conducted by experienced PFR Portal PPK experts who will be able to ask questions.

“Call to conclude a PPK management contract” is a half-hour webinar during which the employer will find out whether he is obliged to conclude a PPK management contract, how to complete the response form and what are the consequences of not taking action.

The training will take place from Monday to Friday at 10:00 am, starting today, November 18, 2021

The webinar will start on November 24, 2021 and will be held periodically, every Wednesday at 12:00.

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