Tennis: Does Frances Tiafoi Really Deserve Her Place in the Top 10?


Tennis: Does Frances Tiafoi Really Deserve Her Place in the Top 10?

Published on August 9, 2023 at 06:50 pm

A master’s degree holder in sports journalism, I fell in love with tennis since childhood and have always loved reading beautiful stories about the sport. Today, I would like to tell them to take full advantage of my passion and stay as close to the aces of the circuit as possible.

Newcomer to the top 10 after his two titles and his big results this year, Frances Tiafoe is not yet seen as a potential candidate to win every week. Owing to his ranking, we can expect more regularity from him, the one who turns up the show and sometimes puts in pretty surprising performances.

Frances Tiafoe Has Been Climbing the Ladders on the Circuit Since Last Year ATP And soon he can be invited to the table of the best players in the world. A semi-finalist at the US Open last year where he lost to the future winner, the American is the epitome of this new generation intent on carrying the torchAndre Agassi or other Pete Sampras And Andy Roddick. but for tiafoHe still lacks the reference victory that would allow him to win a great title.

felt some pressure

Much appreciated on the circuit for his empathy and his showman side, Frances Tiafoe Shows great talent too. The US has already taken some major steps such as winning against Rafael Nadal last minute US Open, With its one year results, it has moved on in the market and inevitably, expectations are different. “You know, I think where I am in my career right now, I mean, an ATP500 and things like that, I need to start moving up, make finals, win them. Everyone is playing very well now.” he said after his defeat washington Last week.

a random player

semi finalists indian wells this year, Frances Tiafoe Has already won two titles: Houston And Stuttgart, Able to shine on all surfaces, the American has everything to win at a big meeting. But his idiosyncrasies are still playing tricks on him, he’s still having trouble shining Grand Slam, This year, he lost in the third round every time but sometimes he missed the call, like his exit toronto ghost facing Milos Raonic, Despite winning the first set after a disputed point, he blundered.

looking for a reference win

Biggest career win Frances Tiafoe sure to face Rafael Nadal ButUS Open Last year. He is very popular with the public, especially in the US, so he could get the same blow in 2023 but will need more success. Now more is expected in big events, you have to digest this pressure which can block it. He has proved in his career that he plays even better at home.

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