Tennis: Nadal in training, big hopes


Tennis: Nadal in training, big expectations

Published on October 9, 2023 at 6:50 pm.

Holding a Master’s degree in Sports Journalism, I fell in love with tennis since childhood and have always loved reading great stories about the sport. Today, I want to tell them about them, take full advantage of my passion and stay as close as possible to the aces of the circuit.

Two weeks after speaking in several media to talk about his situation, Rafael Nadal has restarted the machine in training. Recently, some videos have been circulating on social networks and we can see the Majorcan on the tennis court, still putting great intensity into his shots and his movements.

Notably absent from this 2023 season, during which he would have only played 4 matches at the start of the season (united cup And Australian Open), Rafael Nadal is still getting a lot of attention during his recovery. After suffering a hip injury and undergoing surgery last June, he is making every effort to return in 2024, which should be the last season of his career, as he announced last May.

Critical response awaiting response

In his recent speeches, Rafael Nadal He said he was giving himself two months to think about a more precise return date. Even though many statements contradict each other, the 2024 season could be a farewell tour for the 14-man Roland Garros, Obviously, he knows his body by heart and we can imagine that he will decide to come back only when he feels that his body can withstand a much higher level. Meanwhile, he has resumed training, which gives a lot of hope to his fans.

a long recovery

When during this he got injured in his hipAustralian Open, Rafael Nadal Envisioned being able to continue playing during the season and return to clay. Ultimately, it required more time than expected. But according to his doctor, a comeback is possible in early 2024. “It is a difficult situation. We should help him in every way. Since he knows the process and wants to play again, he does everything in his power to make it happen. We have set this five month time frame because it is important for an athlete to have a goal to stimulate the desire to fight and recover. Afterwards, you also have to keep in mind that it will probably take another month for him to come back. Said Angel Ruiz-CotaroWho had operated on him.

The big farewell tour?

a few months ago, just before Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal Turns out the 2024 season will likely be his last. The Mallorcan is tired from all the injuries he has experienced and, at the age of 37, he has nothing left to prove. Let’s hope for him to finish his career by showing great opposition on one of the biggest courts in the world, that is. Roger Federer could not do.

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