Tension around Ukraine. US Ambassador to the OSCE Michael Carpenter: We are facing a serious security crisis in Europe

We hear loud war drums, and the rhetoric has become quite frightening, said the US ambassador to the OSCE, Michael Carpenter, referring to the tense situation around Ukraine and the Russian troops gathered at the border with that country. – We are facing a serious security crisis in Europe and we want to solve it through diplomacy, but we also have many doubts about Russia’s intentions – he assured.

– We are facing a crisis of European security. We hear the war drums loudly, and the rhetoric has become quite frightening. There are almost one hundred thousand soldiers on the Russian side of the border with Ukraine. Their presence and live ammunition exercises raise many doubts about Russia’s intentions, said Michael Carpenter during a virtual press conference, presenting the situation after Thursday’s talks at the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna.


The American diplomat stressed that although the US is committed to continuing talks with Russia, including within the OSCE, as proposed by Poland, it is not clear whether Moscow is taking them seriously.

– If the Russians depart from these talks, it will become clear that they have never taken diplomacy seriously, said Carpenter, commenting on a statement by the deputy head of Russian diplomacy Sergei Ryabkov, suggesting that Russia sees no point in continuing the talks in the face of refusing to discuss their main demands.

Rau: The risk of war in the OSCE area is now greater than at any time in the last 30 years

Rau: The risk of war in the OSCE area is now greater than at any time in the last 30 yearsTVN24

The US is open to dialogue

Carpenter stressed that the US cannot agree to negotiate the fundamental principles of the international system or about spheres of influence as Russia is demanding. He declared that the US is willing to engage in dialogue on “mutual restraint, risk reduction, confidence-building measures and military transparency.” He added, although America strongly prefers the diplomatic path, it is also ready, together with its allies, to “impose enormous and unprecedented costs” on Russia in the event of a resumption of aggression against Ukraine.

Answering the question about the priorities of the OSCE presidency, which began on January 1, the diplomat said that her priority should be the crisis around Ukraine.

The situation around Ukraine is a “real crisis” in which diplomacy, including in the OSCE forum, should play a key role. He appreciated the proposal of the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zbigniew Rau, on “revitalizing the dialogue on European security”, which was to be adopted by the vast majority of members.

Among other challenges facing Poland, Carpenter mentioned “unprecedented repressions” in Belarus, frozen conflicts in Transnistria and Georgia, as well as the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. – All these matters fall on the Polish presidency. It is really a lot – emphasized the ambassador.

Conflict in UkrainePAP

Russia’s “disappointment”

Russia is disappointed with the West’s reaction to the proposals concerning Ukraine and European security, but it does not give up diplomatic measures, said Aleksandr Lukasevich, Russia’s ambassador to the OSCE. He expressed his belief that the talks between Russia and the West constitute “the moment of truth” and that the parties should reach agreement, otherwise they risk potentially catastrophic consequences. He added that after the talks at the OSCE Permanent Council, there was little reason to be optimistic.

According to the diplomat, Russia presented its security proposals, but did not receive a “satisfactory” response, and the meeting focused instead on the concerns of other member states.

– If we do not receive a constructive response to our proposals within a reasonable time and aggressive behavior towards Russia continues, we will be forced to take the necessary measures to ensure strategic balance and eliminate unacceptable threats to our national security – Łukaszewicz stated. At the same time, he assured that Russia was not setting an ultimatum, but was proposing to solve problems professionally and find compromises. – We are waiting for a reaction from our partners in a short time. It is not a lengthy process stretched over months and years, he said.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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