Terlecki on the new government in Germany: it is expected that the march towards one European state will be accelerated

It promises to accelerate the march towards one European state, once again open to the influx of emigrants and pushing for utopian projects called ecological – says Ryszard Terlecki, head of the PiS club, writing about the new German government in a column for “Dziennik Polski”.

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The head of the PiS club, deputy speaker of the Sejm in the column “Everything is politics. The German left is accelerating”Reminds that at the end of November the coalition negotiations between the three parties that will form the new German government ended.

Socialists (SPD), Greens and Liberals (FDP) They agreed on a program, the writing of which took 170 pages, and which will be approved by the party congresses of the SPD and FDP and a vote by members of the Green party. The socialists will fill the office of chancellor and six ministries, including internal affairs and health, the Greens will get a vice-chancellor and five ministries, including foreign affairs, and the liberals will get four ministries. One thing is certain: it will be a much more left-wing government than Chancellor Merkel’s hitherto team, writes a PiS politician.

According to Terlecki, “there are many obvious tasks in the coalition’s program, such as combating the pandemic, improving living conditions or accelerating the” digital breakthrough “in all areas of public life. “There are, however, also very disturbing announcements. First, significant loosening of immigration policy, including shortening the waiting time for German citizenship from eight to five years and significantly liberalizing the asylum law, ”he underlines.

“This means a left-wing coalition does not give up on its dreams of building a multicultural state and accepting immigrants from other continents. Secondly, the coalition partners are making an announcement accelerating the shift away from a coal-based energy economy and ambitious plans to reduce gas emissions, ”he adds.

The program of the new German government

“The authors of the program do not hide that they will expect the same from the entire European Unionwhich means pressure on those countries that are against the unrealistic deadlines for eliminating coal, “writes the politician in a column.

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According to the deputy marshal, “the most dangerous parts of the program seem to be the construction of a” federal, European state “in which the governments of individual states would be placed under the management of the Brussels” headquarters “.

“Because after eliminating the British, Germany became the strongest power in the Union, it means the subordination of the EU, and in practice the whole of Europe, to the economic and ideological domination of Germany, ”says Terlecki.

“The program talks about accepting various speeds of further integration, as well as strengthening the role of the European Parliament, dominated by the German left and its allies,” he adds.

Berlin will increase its influence

As he points out, “the postulate expanding the scope of decisions taken in the European Council by majority vote, while resigning from unanimity, it also leads to an increase in Berlin’s influence. ” “So it promises to accelerate the march towards one European state, once again open to the influx of emigrants and pushing through utopian projects called ecological,” he assesses.

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Will Europe find enough strength to resist German ambitions to govern the entire continent?it will turn out after the final constitution of the German government and the reactions to its policy on the part of most EU countries, writes the head of the PiS club.

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