Terminator: Dark Fate Edward Furlong comments on his controversial scene


Edward Furlong briefly resumed his role as John Connor in Terminator Dark Fate for a scene with Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800). ” They screwed me up! ” Says the 42-year-old actor on YouTube. Attention spoilers.

Edward Furlong only appears in the first minutes of Dark Fate . It is found one year after Terminator 2 . Thanks to the CGI, it is the John Connor of Terminator 2 that we see next to Sarah Connor before a T-800 comes out of the water and shoot at him.

“They screwed me up! ” Laments Edward Furlong on Alex Leyba’s YouTube channel. ” That’s what they did not, it was the role, I went there and I shot a day, and they used CGIs, they paid me, but that made me the balls because I would have done a movie, I would love to make a movie and make me a lot of money, I would really like to do more, we’ll see what happens . ”

In view of the disappointing box office of Dark Fate, it is unlikely that the saga Terminator is entitled to the suites planned by James Cameron.

Edward Furlong will have embodied only one time John Connor in 1991. Since the 90s, the actor has gotten lost in a spiral drug alcohol facts that has significantly bruised his career in Hollywood. ( TERMINATOR reunion of Kristanna Loken (TX), Michael Biehn (Keyle), Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800), Edward Furlong (John Connor), Danny Cooksey (Tim), Robert Patrick (T-1000) and Jenette Goldstein (Janelle ) at Silicon Valley Comic Con )

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