terrible accusations a month and a half from Qatar 2022

It is the great winner, at least on a political level, of the latest events in European football, where the UEFA of Aleksandar Ceferin closes an eye and a half on the question of Financial Fair Play after his sharp no to the Superlega. However, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi he seems to have entered a spiral of power games that seem to go rather further. From what is reported by an investigation by the French newspaper Libération, in fact, the president of Paris Saint Germain would even be accused of extortion against a Franco-Algerian entrepreneur, such Tayeb B., who according to the investigation would have been in possession of a series of evidence that would have nailed Al-Khelaïfi himself in relation to an alleged corruption case that would concern the assignment of the World Cup in Qatar, which took place back in 2010. The charge, according to Libération, is of “potential evidence of corruption actions in the controversial award of the 2022 world championship”. In essence, the 41-year-old businessman whose surname has been concealed to avoid further complications, would be the classic man who ended up knowing too much about situations bigger than him, and for this he was put under pressure. The investigation focuses mainly on the possession of a USB key in which the person in question would have stored the overwhelming evidence of corruption by the emirs of Qatar for the assignment of the football event par excellence.

Libération speaks of an arrest that lasted from January 13 to November 1. Tayeb had managed to get close to the president of Paris Saint Germain thanks to some political contacts, and lived in Doha with his wife and children. Suddenly, however, everything took a bad turn, and the decision would come from above to put him in prison in order to obtain the much-coveted USB key, which could have opened a jar of Pandora. The story of the French newspaper even speaks of “torture” received by the businessman, who was allegedly abused for days and then held in prison for over eight months. The goal would have been to be able to obtain the documents that would have jeopardized the reputation of the top manager of the Parisian football club and consequently of the entire government of the Gulf state, which for years has intended to penetrate politically and economically in Europe.

The response of Al-Khelaifi’s lawyers

Yesterday afternoon, the response arrived from Al-Khelaifi’s lawyers, Francis Szpiner and Renaud Semerdjian, who immediately wanted to cool their hearts and invoke the absolute innocence of their client. The statement launched by the two lawyers of the president of Paris Saint Germain reads verbatim: “In response to reports by the French media concerning investigations underway against three individuals for potentially illegal activities, we categorically and absolutely confirm that these investigations have not nothing to do with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi “. The story risks turning into something explosive, especially for the timing. In fact, a month and a half are missing from the start of the planetary competition that they have been waiting for in Doha for twelve years, and the spread of this thorny investigation risks not a little destabilizing the environment of Parisian society, which is experiencing a season in which it will have to demonstrate to have finally grown up. But not only. In recent years, a series of under-the-counter agreements between high representatives of the emirate and French politicians had already been highlighted. Among all the former president Nicolas Sarkozywho had influenced the then president of Uefa, Michel Platinito support Qatar’s candidacy and not that of the United States, as confirmed in 2015 by Sepp Blatter. Now there is talk of kidnapping and extortion, another dishonorable stain for the upcoming World Cup.

Qatar 2022, in France they accuse Al-Khelaifi

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Qatar 2022, in France they accuse Al-Khelaifi

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