Tesla for the youngest, i.e. the sale of Cyberquada for children has started

We have just met the revolutionary Cybergwizdek, a collector’s gadget inspired by the Cybertruck, which was supposed to be a snap in the nose of Apple and its screen cleaning cloths for PLN 100, and we are already receiving information about the next premieres. Tesla started selling Cyberquada for children and it looks like it might be something everyone has been waiting for as the product sold out in literally hours.

It is true that Cybergwizdek was similar, but $ 50 is nothing compared to the amount $ 1,900what you have to pay for a quad for children – apparently some users got carried away by the Christmas shopping frenzy, because the waiting time of 2-4 weeks means that there is a chance for delivery before Christmas (although Tesla does not guarantee that this will be the case). Either way, what should you expect for the money?

As we can find out on the Tesla website, Cyberquad for Kids is inspired by the Cybertruck design, which means electric drive, steel frame, soft seat and adjustable suspension. As for the possibilities, then the maximum speed of the vehicle is 16 km / h (it can be independently limited to 8 km / h depending on the age or skills of the child), and its lithium-ion battery, when fully charged, which takes about 5 hours, will allow you to travel about 24 kilometers.

In short, we will not break any records on this, but on the other hand it is certainly the cheapest Tesla on the market, and it is also supposed to be a “toy” for children. at least 8 years and weigh up to 68 kilogramsbecause this is the maximum load of the Cyberquad, although it may rather be information for adults who will certainly be tempted to test the vehicle on their own.

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