Tesla? Forget it! Mercedes showed something amazing today

The whole world of electromobility fans was waiting for this moment. Mercedes has finally presented its concept model – the outstanding Vision EQXX in every inch. What’s so special about it?

  • The new Mercedes Vision EQXX is a concept model of the manufacturer from Germany.
  • The declared range when the batteries are fully charged exceeds the barrier of 1000 km in this model.
  • Mercedes Vision EQXX is a representative of the D segment.
  • The date when the EQXX appeared on the roads is unknown. However, it can be expected that it will be 2023 or 2024.

The Mercedes Vision EQXX is no longer a secret

Today’s premiere is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the world of electromobility. Conceptual model The Mercedes Vision EQXX exceeds the 1000 km range barrier on a single battery charge, and besides – looks like a 100% car from the future.

Mercedes Vision EQXXTo me, the back of the Vision EQXX looks amazing

The appearance is mainly determined by the car line – and it is worth noting here that the shape of the new Mercedes is characterized by with a drag coefficient of only 0.17.

Compared to the competition (Tesla Model S Plaid or Mercedes EQS), which managed to achieve this value at the level of approx. 0.20 – it’s quite a feat from designers from Germany.

The lower the drag coefficient, the lower the fuel consumption, ie power consumption, while driving.

Mercedes Vision EQXXAll in all – the front is also not bad. I don’t know which side it’s prettier from

During the presentation, Mercedes talked about the impressions of the EQXX concept trip. There was therefore stories about defining freedom, the passing of the world and the like – if you like this type of “poetry” then you should definitely watch the recording of the premiere.

The remaining parameters of the EQXX are much more interesting than the poetry of Mercedes marketers.

Mercedes Vision EQXXThe air intakes on the hood make a good impression

An energy consumption of less than 10 kWh per 100 km means that the car will be able to cover a distance of more than 1000 km without recharging the batteries. Of course – it will require certain restrictions, but according to Mercedes’ assurances – this is the most realistic result.

Mercedes Vision EQXXThe interior of the Vision EQXX is typically “Mercedes”. I like it

Maximal power of 205 hp, with a weight of approx. 1750 kg, it is quite an interesting result. In the photos the EQXX looks like a large sedan, however in reality it is rather representative of the D segment.

When will the Vision EQXX hit the road?

This information was missing during the entire premiere. We know the EQXX was made in an impressive 18 months – but as for the date of the presentation of the “civil” version – unfortunately, Mercedes did not provide it.

Mercedes Vision EQXXBut it looks better from the back, oh those lights!

However, 2023 or 2024 are quite likely scenarios. Personally, I support Mercedes with all my heart, so that the electrification of the automotive industry looks like this and not otherwise. What do you think? Let me know in the comments and take part in the poll.

Source: Mercedes

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