Tesla has accepted dogecoin – the currency has shot up

The famous billionaire does not slow down and continues its activities to influence the market cryptocurrencies. Last December, the owner of a car company Tesla announced that he is considering approvals dogecoinas official tender. The original currency was to be used in transactions involving goods of lower value, including gadgets bearing the brand’s logo.

Today Musk officially confirmed this information, and on his Twitter posted a short and meaningful message with the content – “Tesla products can be bought for dogecoins“.

As you can easily guess, since the publication of the course dogecoin soared and is now over 20 percent. The entry immediately sparked a real avalanche of comments. Among the many positive opinions, there is no shortage of criticism towards the billionaire. Actions Elon Musk have been controversial for a long time. He is accused of manipulating the market cryptocurrencies and deliberately causing their odds to jump.

An example of such an action may be the situation in March last year, when Musk announced that the company Tesla will accept payments in virtual currency bitcoin. However, he withdrew relatively quickly from this decision, which caused a considerable crisis on the stock market.


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