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Tesla withdrew its application for funding the construction of a battery factory in Germany. The money was to come from the federal budget and the European Union. The Californian manufacturer’s documents were accepted, the granting of funds was supposed to be a formality, the company even knew the amount it would receive: EUR 1.14 billion, the equivalent of PLN 5.4 billion.

Tesla does not want European funding. But he does not stop working

In January 2021, the European Union accepted Germany’s request for the possibility of co-financing companies that will invest in the construction of Li-ion cell factories in our western neighbors. She also planned to contribute under the IPCEI program. The idea was to lower the oligopoly of Far Eastern cell and battery producers in Europe.

Tesla applied for such a surcharge, and BMW and other German companies also applied. Now Muska’s company has announced that resigns from funding because he does not need this moneyalthough there was 1.14 billion euros up for grabs. As the boss himself said, “Tesla has always believed that all subsidies should be eliminated, but this also applies to the oil and gas industry” (source):

The company did not resign from the financing of the Brandenburg government in the amount of EUR 100 million, PLN 470 million, which came from the support budget for enterprises wanting to create jobs in the federal state. According to German estimates, the plant in Grünheide (Germany) cost EUR 5 billion, the equivalent of PLN 23.5 billion. The construction is not to be threatened, at least from Tesla, because the company has still not received the final building permit.

Opening image: Grünheide factory (c) Tobias Lindh:

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