Tesla servers crash. Users were not allowed to enter their cars

The problem affected users who used smartphone applications to unlock their cars. For a large part of the Californian manufacturer’s customers it is a great convenience – they do not need to carry access cards with them. It turned out that this solution may have disadvantages.

When I tried to open the car remotely, the application displayed an error called “500 server error”. The problem was not only about cars in the United States. It turns out that the crash affected users all over the world.

Mike Levine, one of Ford’s directors, did not waste an opportunity to make fun of the competition. The manufacturer has long offered the option of securing their cars with a code lock. Levine in a tweet indirectly expressed his opinion on the superiority of this solution.

Although opening the car with a smartphone seems to be risky, the option included in the application is only one of many that Tesla users have at their disposal. Drivers can remotely start the heating, start and stop charging, and even recall the car.

The whole problem has to do with the software update Tesla introduced last week. At present, it seems that the situation has been brought under control. As practice shows – traditional solutions often turn out to be better than modern ones.



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