Test Beta Enduro 300 2-stroke vs 350 4-stroke: which one should I choose? TEST 2023 [VIDEO] – Evidence

Comparing the new Enduro versions of Beta 2023: the 300 2-stroke, still faithful to the classic carburettor, with the 350 4-stroke

1 August 2022

Un comparison between two Italian motorcycles with frame and engine point. Aimone Dal Pozzo and Ricky Vitali they have also tried them on hard terrain, where usually the 2-stroke is ahead. Be careful why the 4-stroke is getting closer and closer.

How they are made: RR 300 2T

Lhe world champion motorcycle needs no introduction and the best weight-power compromise is also confirmed for 2023. The 300, still powered by a carburetor, manages to guarantee a gentle and full-bodied delivery from the first meters and above all once the valve is open, it unloads horses without fear. The beauty of this engine is its versatility as at low revs it looks like a trial bike, on the contrary, when you give the gas, it makes itself felt with all its strength. From the point of view of suspensions, the ZF forks which receive the same updates as the entire range.

In fact, it comes to the front modified the geometry of the oil passages around the fork piston, in order to completely eliminate the bottlenecks and optimize the fluidity of movement to the maximum. All this allows the bike to have less load transfers and therefore more balanced in general.

The ergonomics also changed considerably as the Florentine technicians studied new thinner side panels which, in addition to making the bike leaner between the legs, avoid interference between the air conveyors and the rider’s boots that occasionally hooked onto the previous models.

How they are made: RR 350 4T

Lthe main novelty for the Beta RR 2023 range is undoubtedly the arrival of traction control which had already debuted last year on the Racing range. The TC can now be operated via a button located in the usual position between the steering head and the tank.

can be inserted on both types of maps, the standard and the rain and therefore doubles the opportunities for electronic customization of the vehicle. The insertion is noticeably evident, and in fact it substantially changes the delivery of the engine which becomes even more gentle and round, leaving the driver to focus on driving. This is matched by the new dedicated maps that dilute the power over the entire range of use and make the engine perfectly usable in any driving condition.

To complete the novelties 2023 is the new exhaust manifold, longer than the previous one, which comes in support with more low and mid-range torque. The engine consequently becomes more tame overall and allows you to manage the torque with greater precision, often even using an extra gear for a smoother ride.

How are they doing

dthe Ricky Vitali

The riding position of the RR 300 2T is really comfortable even for those who, like myself, do not shine for height. The flat saddle allows great freedom of movement but at the same time offers a good grip while sitting. General ergonomics are very good and the handlebar fold is comfortable.

In action, the 300 2T impressed me the most. Engine performance is with a capital P. Always a good shot, a lot of back and never grumpy in the response. It looks like the engine we all wish we had. Manageable at low speeds and always ready to call the throttle when power is needed.

The response of the 2t with the carburetor is always satisfying. Delivery primarily and clutch operation make the Beta engine an excellent compromise for those who want to stop time in the webbing and those who approach the more complicated mule track as you always travel a lot. In the suspension department, the proposed mix convinced me enough. If on the one hand the fork does its duty with a very good damping capacity and the ability to always keep an almost perfect set-up, on the other the monoshock absorber while giving adherence to the top seemed a bit too “kicking” especially on small bumps going to complicate driving. Setting problems? Proposed coverages? Possible even if to be honest the test ground (exceptionally dry) never gave you the right confidence to force your hand.

The 350 4T instead it proved to be for me (two convinced timers) a nice surprise. With the quattroT you go a long way and despite a very perceptible engine brake effect you have on your hands an agile and fun vehicle. The suspensions seem to work better (different setting) also due to the different masses.

The 350 seems more stable and more precise in the insertions especially when the bottom is uneven. The engine is so good that it allows you very few gear changes. You put one and paradoxically in the undergrowth you don’t remember having a change. Quote for the excellent braking system.

Both models propose very performing brakes both for power and for modulation.

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