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Racing games are in a league of their own. The thrill of watching the countdown happen on screen as you are getting ready to push the forward button and get your car racing gives a thrill only lovers of racing games can understand. But nowadays, racing games are a dime a dozen on various gaming consoles and mobile phones. 

Most of these games are not fun to play and are plagued with innumerable ads that make playing games harder. But that’s not the issue with Test Drive Unlimited 2. This game is one of the most perfect racing games that ever existed. Want to know why? Then read on below: 

Unlike most racing games which just begin without giving you a plot and are centered around you just driving in a circuit, this game gives you a great plot. This makes the game stand out from the rest. 
What is Test Drive Unlimited 2 about?

You, as the player, will encounter the host of the Solar Crown, Tess Wintory, during her big birthday party in Ibiza. The solar crown is a famous international racing championship. Tess will take you to her car garage and allow you to fully drive her own Ferrari in California. 

Once you drive on from the aforementioned party, you will wake up. Then you will learn that you are a bad valet. Tess will berate you for coming in late. She does think of firing you, but won’t and instead will ask you to accompany her to a famous club called Sant Antoni de Portmany. She says that if you do so then you can enter the famous racing championship Solar Crown. 
While on the road, Tess explains that one racer withdrew, so there’s now one open place for you, the player. In the club, you will get introduced by Tess to Solar Crown viewers. But it’s not that easy to begin racing. To legally take part in the game you need a license and a car. It’s then that you will meet Todd Bishop through Tess. He will take you to an old used but good car dealership. 
Once there you will choose a car and then go to a used caravan that will become your home. So the game is all set to begin now. You don’t have a house or a good car, but you can enter the championship and climb up the ranks. 
The controls are easy to use and there are no lags in the game. Your aim here is to level up and earn money so that you can get better cars. Know that if you want to progress then you will also have to keep on leveling up and earning experience points. You can earn the point in 4 ways- competition, social, discovery, and collection. 
In the competition mode, you will be completing challenges and racing. While in the social one you will have to make friends, join clubs, and race more. Note that in the Discovery mode, you will have to take photographs, find car wrecks, and find out various roads. Lastly, in the Collection mode, you all have to buy houses, cars, clothing, furniture, and other things that you will need to progress through social circles. 

Note that you will be able to earn in-game money based on your driving skills. But, if you drive at a high to medium speed near a vehicle, then you will get some cash. However, note that it’s usually less than $500 each time you pass. If you can start chain passes then you can earn good money. To accept the money, click on the on-screen ‘accept’ button. Note that once you do that another chain will begin. 

Want to find vehicle wrecks? Then you will have to explore the island. Know that finding such wrecks will allow you to get better vehicle deals at your dealership. As for your gaming avatar, you can slightly alter the look of your character by changing some facial features, hair, clothes, and such.
The game comes with a lot of features that make the game exciting to play. It is also these features that set the game apart from others. These are: 

Features of the Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited 2 PC Game Download

Name Test Drive Unlimited 2
Initial Release Date  8 February 2011
Engine Havok
Series Test Drive
Publishers  Atari, Atari, Inc., Softclub, CyberFront Corporation
PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
Developers Eden Games
Category PC Games > Racing

How To Download Test Drive Unlimited 2 PC Instructions

  • Buy anytime

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Minimum System Requirement

  • Variety of vehicles 

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Recommended System Requirement

  • Vehicle distinction

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