Test Suzuki Vitara technical sheet opinions and dimensions 1.4 Hybrid Starview AT

A lively “all-rounder”

There Suzuki Vitara it is a compact SUV that stands out for its squared body (reminiscent of off-road vehicles) and for the large passenger compartment in relation to the size of the car, as well as bright (extended glass surface). The finishes are less good, in particular the economic aspect of the plastics, subdued for an SUV worth almost 30,000 euros. The trunk, well usable, has a decent capacity (375/1120 liters). In this mild hybrid version, the Suzuki Vitara is equipped with a bright and quiet 1.4 turbo petrol engine (129hp) connected via a belt to a small 48-volt electric unit (13.6hp). It gives an extra boost to recovery, helping to keep consumption low. Classic type, with torque converter, the automatic gearbox is progressive and rather fast in selecting the six gears (even manually, with the levers behind the steering wheel) and, especially in traffic, it makes driving less stressful.

The traction is on the front wheels, alternatively the 4×4 model is available. The guide of the Suzuki Vitara it is pleasant and easy: the car has panache and agility and responds promptly to the driver’s commands. On the bumpy, however, some shocks must be taken into account. Rich standard equipment: it includes the navigator and even the sunroof, as well as various driving aids, including adaptive cruise control and the blind spot sensors of the mirrors. In terms of safety, in the tests carried out by the European body Euro NCAP, the Suzuki Vitara obtained the maximum score of five stars. It should be borne in mind, however, that the tests took place at the launch of the model, in 2015, in different ways than the more severe ones today.

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