Texts encouraging vaccination with the third dose

The fully vaccinated people received a text message from the government that they could be immunized with a booster dose. Any adult person may receive a booster dose six months after full immunization with either two doses or one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

So far in Pabianice, 55.5 percent have been vaccinated against Covid-19. residents. There are no more people who decide to get vaccinated. Those who have decided not to do so are unlikely to do so. The government has no plans yet to introduce compulsory vaccination. Instead, he focuses on immunization with a supplementary dose.

In the Pabianice poviat, Konstantynów Łódzki is in the first place in terms of vaccinations, where both doses have already been taken by 56.4%. people, and on the third Ksawerów, where 55.6 percent were vaccinated. Behind us are the municipalities of Lutomiersk, Dobroń, Dłutów and Pabianice.

Currently, the third dose of the vaccine can be vaccinated by people who received the second dose of the vaccine before May 20. Week after week, the number of people who meet the criteria for the interval between vaccination and the booster will increase. The e-referral should appear in the system automatically.

Vaccinations are performed on Fridays at the Pabianice Medical Center. Registration is accepted at the following telephone numbers: 42-22-53-580 or 42-22-53-853.

Everyone, no matter what vaccine they got earlier, will be vaccinated with mRNA preparations (Moderna and Pfizer).

You can also make an appointment for vaccination via e-registration available on the website patient.gov.pl or using the mojeIKP application.

You can also call the free hotline of the National Immunization Program on 989 or send an SMS saying: SzczepimySie to the numbers: 664 908 556 or 880 333 333.

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