“Thank you for raising our children with the right values ​​of civil coexistence”

This morning the greeting for the retirement of teachers from Pesaro. «A job different from the others – said the mayor of Pesaro Matthew Ricci – in some ways comparable to the role of local administrator. They are jobs that are done by vocation and passion. We are very proud of the Pesaro school, a piece of culture in our city and it is clear that the quality level of teaching and teachers is excellent. We thank them for having raised our children with dedication, for having improved them, for having communicated to them the right values ​​of civil coexistence, helping to build a process of citizen integration”. Then he continues: «Compulsory schooling is the soul of society, where children grow and change together. A place where everyone must be guaranteed the same opportunities. The Italian school still has many problems to overcome, including underpaid teachers and school building. In recent years, the Municipality of Pesaro has carried out many extraordinary maintenance interventions in the institutions, but it is never enough: many more investments are needed, we hope that other opportunities will arise from the PNRR to have increasingly beautiful and efficient schools “, concluded the mayor.

«I am really proud to have presented this recognition to the teachers who retired in 2022- she added Camilla Murgia, Councilor for Growth and Kindness who greeted the teachers together with Alessandra Belloni, director of the provincial school office -. A teacher who retires, in addition to being a moment to remember and celebrate, reminds us of the value of a heritage that must be preserved: I am sure that the teachers we met today will be precious interlocutors for building the school in the coming years”.

The experiences represented by all the orders participating in the ceremony, “also represent the variety of the incredible mosaic that are the educational services and the school institution of our city – added Murgia -: the pride of the territory: behind every professionalism there is he is a person who has spent a large part of his life for what is not a mere job, but a vocation that he carries out every day”.

The 58 retired teachers are: Federica Ciacci, Fiorella Vampa, Silvia Arduini, Donatella Sgherri, Lorella Cattaneo (nursery schools); Franca Bresciani and Marinella Turrini (nursery); Stefania Ciaffoncini and Giordana Sassi (IC Gaudiano); Marina Cavalli, Rachele Pacifico, Stefania Siepi (IC Olivieri); Anna Bertozzini, Marina Fattori, Paola Foschi, Rosalia Giovannini, Maria Rita Pellizzari, Eva Patrone (IC Leopardi); Anna Maria Giunta (IC Villa San Martino); Fabiola Bellucci, Nella Catania, Maria Rosaria Pigliasco (IC Pirandello); Alessandra Bernardini, Sara Pace (IC Galilei); Maria Grazia Acquaviva, Anna Balducci, Maria Teresa Ballarini, Franca Raffaella Quinta Buiani, Esterina Di Paolo, Marina Temellini (IC Alighieri); Patrizia Andreani, Chiara Barletta, Marisa Bartolucci, Simonetta Cavaliere, Giulietta Cecchini, Giancarlo D’Amen, Laura Ligi, Ines Milinanni, Rosanna Pisani, Gianfranco Uguccioni (Marconi high school); Maura Brambilla, Giovanna Nigro (Mamiani high school); Donatella Giuliani, Giovanni Centini, Giuseppe Scavolini, Adrio Ferri, Dante Olivieri, Valeria Verzolini (Cecchi Institute); Elisabetta Cicoli, Antonella Coli, Anna Maria Di Carlo, Silvana Giacchè, Angela Servadio (Santa Marta Institute); Gabriele Vitali, Tiziana Paci, Paolo Mazzanti (Mengaroni high school); Giovanna Cecconi, Marco Scavolini (Bramante-Genga Institute).

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