that (double) sting if you exceed € 5,000, now it’s official, Finance arrives

Relations between Italians and banks are certainly not easy lately. But now there are some really hard stings.

Let’s try to understand the negative news that are not few. In general, the life of Italians has recently become more tough.

Not only are wages getting lower and more precarious, but inflation is making everything more expensive. The bills are also much more expensive and it also comes there stinged at 5000 euros.

Rising costs and taxation

Before seeing the € 5,000 sting it is important underline how the costs of the current account sare constantly increasing.


Everything increases in price and even the bill does not escape this logic. Indeed, in the last year, management costs have increased a lot and even online accounts cost much more. But in addition to the cost problem, there is also the issue of the taxman who now monitors even the most trivial operation on the card and ATM current account. Let’s see how this new control works and the 5,000 euro limit.

Financial Controls with a limit of 5000 euros

Thanks to superanagrafe of current accounts and with true artificial intelligence, Italians’ current accounts, ATMs and credit cards are constantly monitored. Any operation that does not appear in line with the subject’s profile will be carefully attention and will also be able to initiate investigations and checks, but let’s see the limit of 5000 euros. On all Italian current accounts there is a tax that is paid if the balance exceeds 5000 euros. But there is a way to defend yourself. This tax is called istamp duty and is worth just under 40 euros for individuals and 100 euros for companies. Being a real tax, it is not avoided by changing banks or going to an online bank.

How to avoid the tax

There is a way to avoid the tax and it is very simple. The stamp duty is paid if the balance on the account exceeds 5000 euros. Therefore the tax does not apply to the money invested. This means that if the part that exceeds 5000 euros is kept invested, the stock will be lower than this threshold e there will be no stamp duty. Obviously every investment involves a risk and it is important to make the right assessments.

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