that question and answer at a distance between Spalletti and Mertens that sanctioned the farewell

I see bad faith, an attempt to obscure the great result !: that question and answer at a distance between Spalletti and Mertens that sanctioned the farewell

Today’s edition of The morning remember what happened after the last one Naples-Sassuolo in the blue house. Question and answer at a distance between Spalletti and Mertens which was one of the reasons that effectively sanctioned the Belgian’s farewell:

“Spalletti remembers, even before the whistles and the envelopes with the eggs, the heavy air that was created around the team after the 2-3 at Castellani. A maxi retreat canceled because the rooms in the hotel, the sessions were not found De Laurentiis’ psychological problems at dinner. The coach seemed to have achieved a prestigious result – the return to the Champions League which failed a year earlier – so he let out in the Maradona locker room: “I don’t like the attempt to obscure this great result. I see bad faith. . I talked about the championship that could be won but to try to raise the bar. The team didn’t deserve to play in this atmosphere. ” The result of Empoli. Disappointment was also spreading within the group, Mertens spoke of it after the two goals. Spalletti’s stalwart, swollen with bitterness for how his men had been welcomed by the fans, it was clear that it was difficult for Dries to stay in Naples. A strong attack. “If he says there weren’t any stronger teams than us, let him tell who was insufficient in his opinion of him.” He takes it upon himself to indicate which comrades have failed. Mertens chose silence, he would have shown up – through his lawyers – at the beginning of June not with the request for an appointment with De Laurentiis to renew his contract but with that of 4 million a year to stay in the blue jersey. A tear that cannot be mended, unlike that between the team and the fans: Spalletti wanted to make her fall in love with Napoli and he succeeded. “ has been selected by the new Google service, if you want to be always updated on the latest news follow us on Google News

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