that was the direction to take

Can you think of a good romantic comedy from the last ten years? Swept away, along with the old stereotypes about women and blue princes. We needed to make it clear that we can also realize ourselves outside of a love story, to tell our complexity in the whole spectrum of emotions, each one acceptable and very normal.

But now give us some of the feel good back Harry, this is Sally: save Private Meg Ryan, symbol of the category. The pattern has been consolidated from the time of Shakespeare: two meet, conflict and then find each other. Let them be called Beatrice and Benedict, as in Much ado about nothingor Susan and David in Howard Hawks’ masterpiece Bringing up baby-Susanna!love and humor.

A contemporary and progressive version may exist, think of Trainwreck-A girl disaster by Judd Apatow, o Crazy rich Asians by Jon M. Chu. The strength of the screwball comedies, where the woman was almost always the engine of the story, was in the writing, certainly not in the twists, everything was quite predictable, but that’s what makes them so reassuring.

It took a pandemic to make us rediscover certain guilty (but why then?) Pleasures? Ol Parker, the director of A ticket to paradise, said that his film was born during the lockdown: he was working on something completely different, then the desire to bring back some joy and optimism prevailed: “I rethought the pleasure of laughing all together in a movie theater , that was the direction I wanted to take ». As Julia Roberts recently told The New York Times (star of the film with George Clooney, their story of the set on page 56) “a romantic comedy is like when on a cold day, suddenly, a ray of Sun”. And, I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel fresh …

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