That’s why Julia Roberts doesn’t make romantic comedies anymore

It’s been a while since the queen of rom-coms makes rom-coms. And now she herself is revealing why.

Julia Roberts, star of cult rom-coms ranging from pretty woman to Notting Hillhe declared to New York Times that she’s not avoiding the genre that purposely made her famous.

“A lot of people think that because I haven’t done romantic comedies in many years, I just don’t want to do them anymore,” Roberts said. «But if I had found, in recent years, something that was at the level of Notting Hill or My best man’s wedding man, I would have done it right away. They didn’t exist, at least until the film that Ol Parker wrote and directed».

The film in question is Ticket to Paradise, in which he stars alongside friend George Clooney. It will be released in the United States next October and, according to some rumors, it could be premiered at the 79th Venice Film Festival.

“George thought that movie would only work if I was in it,” reveals the actress. “For one reason or another, we were both free: so we accepted.”

The diva then returned to the rom-com question: «If there had been a good enough script, I would have accepted it immediately. But it’s also true that in the last 18 years I’ve had three children, which raises the bar even further ì, why don’t you just ask yourself anymore “Do I like this story?”, it’s also a matter of interlocking with my work husband (cinematographer Danny Moder, ed) and the life of the boys. For me it is a source of great pride to be at home with my family and consider myself a housewife».

Julia also opened up about rumors that her famous smile would be insured for $30 million: “But should I insure it against what?” she joked. «I mean: if my smile were guaranteed, there would be someone in my house who says to me every night “Floss your teeth one more time…”».

Julia Roberts’ latest project is the series Gaslit, available from April 24 on Starzplay. It tells the pre-Watergate story that saw Martha Mitchell as the protagonist, wife of Nixon’s loyal attorney general John Mitchell, played by Sean Penn.

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