that’s why we do it and how to fix it

Whether you do it reflexively or to destabilize those in front of you, like Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct”, crossing your legs in a sitting position is above all the best way to compensate for the lower back.

Reacting to a posture problem. Movement is first of all a physical reaction, or more precisely an answer to a position problem. “The knees are located below the hips, which forces you to arch your back,” he explains Elena Buscone, massage therapist, trainer, yoga and pilates teacher -. In this position the abdominals are stretched, you put pressure on the perineum, you breathe badly, you have back pain. Instinctively, we will pass one leg over the other so that the knee rises above the hips and the back is no longer arched. ”


This curvature of the back affects women more, it is they who cross more easily. The crossing it also allows you to change position after several hours spent with the buttocks screwed to an armchair. “The body can’t stand it the static, it needs movement, but not instability. After a moment of stillness, she wonders: ‘How can I move without having to get up from my chair?’ “.

A question of stability

In some situations, the movement is performed for pure comfort. “On a slippery seat, such as a leather armchair, the pelvis will move forward when we rest the shoulder blades on the backrest. Passing one leg over the other allows us to sink into the seat, the weight of the body is on a single buttock to gain stability “.

Because it hurts to have your legs crossed

“In addition to hindering blood circulation, it pinches the sciatic nerve and can cause pain in the lower back. Second problem: the asymmetry which will be anchored by the meter of a regular crossing of legs and above all always on the same side. Eventually, the pelvis will be displaced, we will end up having what is called a ‘short false leg’, the upper leg will appear longer. “Not forgetting that the curves of the back, sagging and asymmetry can favor the development of a hernia.

Let’s get up as often as possible

We can try to change some habits to improve the situation: “We adjust the chair to ensure that the pelvis is stabilized in a sitting position; elongation during the day for relax everything that has been put in tension. To avoid the arch of the back and therefore the crossing of the legs, a footrest under the desk, so that the knees rise slightly above the hips “.

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