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Of the original productions of Netflix, The Crown it is without a doubt the best at the serial level. In the Squid Game review, we explored the worldwide success of the Korean product, we had the opportunity to do an interview with the protagonists of Paper House, yet if you have to look at the actual quality of the shows that were created by Reed Hastings’ platform , the one focused on the royal family it far surpassed the entire panorama available in its collection. Looking forward to the upcoming fifth season of The Crown we want to remember the ten best episodes of the series that brought the past and secrets of Queen Elizabeth and her fictionalized story to the screen, after having retraced the iconography in the world of cinema and TV series of the most pop sovereign there has ever been.

1) Beryl, episode 4 season 2

Maybe it will be the small revenge that the second born deserves, but if the Princess Margaretmuch more willing to the crown as he has repeatedly hinted The Crownhas always suffered from the spotlight on Elizabeth, within the series she has the best episode.

It is about his meeting with the photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jonesin an episode in which the actress Vanessa Kirby goes head to head with the character played by Matthew Goode. An encounter that caused a sensation, as much as the photo of her that her man took of her and ended up on the cover of the Times, in which he portrayed her conspicuously showing her shoulders.

2) Assassins, episode 9 season 1

Second episode of our ranking, second place still held by another character who is not the queen. This time it’s about Winston Churchillinterpreted by John Lithgowfor an episode on self-awareness and how difficult it is to see reflections.

On the occasion of the episode, Churchill is in fact reflected in the portrait commissioned for his eightieth birthday by the famous painter Graham Sutherland. The prime minister, however, will see on his face and in his own figure the inexorable passage of timechoosing to destroy the picture and hand in his resignation.

3) Tywysog Cymru, episode 6 season 3

Third place, still no Elizabeth II. But it is impossible not to include Prince Charles on the podium Josh O’Connor and his masterful portrayal of a broken son destined to one day be king. Set in 1969, the episode sees the Queen’s decision to send the boy from Trinity College, Cambridge to Aberystwyth University to study.

A move to try to appease spirits in the kingdom of Wales before the boy’s investiture as prince and quell the clashes fueled by nationalistic impulses. But Carlo’s goal is only to arouse the mother’s interest in himnot achieving the result.

4) Cry of alarm, episode 10 season 3

While revealing a sort of rivalry between the two sisters of the royal family, we can say that although Elizabeth II dominated in real life, in The Crown Margaret stole the show several times with extreme ease. Even when he changes his face.

In the tradition of the Netflix series, in which the change of interpreters takes place every two seasons to adapt each time to the different ages, in the third season is the great Helena Bonham Carter to take the place of Vanessa Kirby and to show signs of a failed marriage in the life and psyche of the woman. In Cry of alarm the princess indulges in ephemeral happiness and momentary languors, which try to cover up the real torments experienced internally by the woman.

5) Windsor, episode 3 season 1

A young Elizabeth II is played by the actress Clare Foy in the first two seasons. With her eyes always wide open mixing a mixture of fear and austerity, the young woman begins the series as the daughter of a king who left his family too soon along with the reins of an entire country.

A sovereign who, in the third episode, will begin to become aware of their role imposing the surname Windsor on her children, while going against the relationship that was continually in the balance with her husband Filippo.

6) Terra nullius, episode 6 season 4

As we know from history books or common custom, there has never been particularly good blood between Prince Charles and his wife Diana. Relations have been tense almost always, but The Crown shows us a moment of happiness suspended in the coupledestined to shatter almost immediately.

In the sixth episode of the fourth season, Terra nulliusspouses begin a tour of the Commonwealth in which they will fuel the disagreements that separate them, but also finding their stability over time. However, when Carlo realizes the love that people reserve more for his wife than for himself, something in the marriage of the two will break again, finding no more possibilities to heal.

7) Smoke and mirrors, episode 5 season 1

The coronation is an epic moment in the history of the English tradition and so it is also reported in the serial version. The particularity of the day in which Elizabeth II officially became queen is that for the first time a real was filmed on TV to arrive directly in the homes of its citizens.

An innovation destined to change the way we look at the world. And one of the first moments when The Crown showed her passion for the media and their way of capturing reality, repeatedly reverberated throughout the series.

8) Aberfan, episode 3 season 3

One of the most dramatic episodes of The Crown is the one that reports the 1966 tragedy in which children and adults were involved due to the landslide of a coal mine in the Welsh village of Aberfan.

In this case, the queen did not attend the scene during the rescue, thinking that it would distract attention from the fact. In truth was severely attacked for alleged lack of mourning shown in the days to come, and this choice of hers, with annexed bad advice, was a battle ground between her and her ministers.

9) Gold Stick, episode 1 season 4

Iconic is the entrance on the scene of the character of Diana played by Emma Corrin in the fourth season. Wanting to paint her candid and childish soul, the series shows her as an elf in the episode of her introduction.

An episode in which the picture of what her relationship with Carlo will be, who will continue to see Camilla despite the fact that the woman is married. Not only, however, the arrival of Lady D; in Gold Stick the masterful Margaret Thatcher of the actress is presented for the first time Gillian Anderson.

10) War, episode 10 season 4

The title already foreshadows the content and tensions of the episode. War see the resignation of Margaret Thatcher to which the queen confers the honor of the Order of Merit, for an episode in which politics bows down in front of its queen, establishing the power that, regardless of any ideal, these two women have represented.

In addition, even in the private life of the royal family, the most heated tensions are about to erupt, with a Christmas family photo showing all the intolerance of Lady Diananow unable to continue living within that royal unhappiness.

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