The 10 best female orgasms from movies… when the cinema makes you enjoy!

There are still very few films capable of realistically portraying female pleasure. Let’s analyze which works are revolutionary in this respect, and which instead think from a more typically male perspective, through the 10 most unforgettable female orgasms in the history of cinema.

The films thatovercoming cultural taboos, they dare to show an orgasm on the screen aretoday again, few. In addition, those able to realistically depict female pleasure are very few! The scenes in question are mostly included in a work to satisfy the male gaze and fantasies, rather than to give a realistic representation of the woman enjoying sexual intercourse. Let’s analyze which films are revolutionary in this sense, and which instead think from a more typically male perspective, through a list of 10 most unforgettable female orgasms in the history of cinema, between stereotypes and revolution.

1. Harry meet Sally (1989) opens the list of the 10 most unforgettable female orgasms in the history of cinema

10 Most Unforgettable Female Orgasms in Cinema History -

We could not start this list with the most famous fake orgasm in the history of cinema. The film by Nora Ephron and Rob Reiner has gone down in history as one of the best romantic comedies of all time, thanks in part to the famous scene set in a diner in which Sally (Meg Ryan), to show Harry how easy it is for women to fake an orgasm, launches into a vocal performance still unforgettable today. Billy Crystal’s dazed face makes us smile and surprises us to this day. A scene, at the time of the film’s release, to say the least subversive.

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2. Ecstasy (1933)

Did you know that the representation of the first female orgasm in cinema history? The winning film of this primacy is Ecstasyby Czech director Gustav Machatý. In the scene in question, the camera picks up the face of the protagonist Eva – played by then 18-year-old Hedwig Kiesler (future Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr) – whilein the throes of passion with her lover, reaches orgasm. The film, at the time of its release, was condemned by critics and labeled an indecent work.

3. The black Swan (2010) is among the 10 most unforgettable female orgasms in the history of cinema

10 Most Unforgettable Female Orgasms in Cinema History -

Darren Aronofsky’s psychological thriller, winner of an Academy Award for Best Actress thanks to the performance of Natalie Portmanhas remained imprinted in the collective imagination also for the revolutionary sex scene between the dancer Nina and her rival Lilyplayed by Mila Kunis. In the aforementioned scene, the two women, after having taken ecstasy, launch themselves into a hot sexual intercourse, during which Nina, in the throes of hallucinations, reaches a liberating orgasm.

4. Don’t dump me (2008)

10 Most Unforgettable Female Orgasms in Cinema History -

Returning to the path of the most famous fake orgasms ever, we cannot fail to mention the 2000s cult by Judd Apatow Don’t dump me. In the movie, now exes Sarah (Kristen Bell) and Peter (Jason Segel) stay in the same hotel with their respective new mates. However, when Sarah hears Peter and his girlfriend Rachel having sex through the wall of her room, she too begins to have sex with her partner. Thus begins one competition between Sarah and Peter, intent on simulating orgasms with their respective partners, in an attempt to make each other jealous.

5. Easy Girl (2010)

Let’s continue on the terrain of fake orgasms with the teen-movie Easy Girl. The protagonist of the film, Olive, played by a very young girl Emma Stone, to protect the manhood of her secretly gay best friendduring a party pretends to have sexual intercourse with him, in which moans of pleasure are simulated by jumping and punching. The gossip spreads quickly, and Olive decides not to deny it, posing as the “easiest” girl in high school.

6. The hard truth (2009)

We continue the list of 10 most unforgettable female orgasms in cinematic history with the romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler The hard truth. In the movie, sex guru – and pathological male chauvinist – Mike is on a mission to get businesswoman Abby back into female pleasure. To do this, she gives her a pair of vibrating panties that the protagonist stupidly forgets to take off during a business dinner. The worst happens: a child finds the panties remote control and starts shaking it. The rest you can imagine. The film is the triumph of clichés and clichés about female pleasure.

7. Pleasentiville (1998)

In the Gary Ross film, David (Tobey Maguire) and Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) are two teenage brothers who, through a special remote control, seeteleported to the world of Pleasantville, a black and white sitcom from the 1950s, centered on the life of the perfect Parker family: strict and bigoted. Over the course of the movie Jennifer, introduces mom Betty Parker (Joan Allen) to the pleasures of sex. The scene where Betty masturbates in the bathtubrediscovering love for herself, it is unforgettable.

8. Monster’s Ball – The shadow of life (2001)

Now let’s move on to the film that made ad conquer Halle Berry his Academy Award in 2002becoming the first black woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. Monster’s Ball is remembered for several reasons: on the one hand it is considered by some as one of the most overrated films in history, another reason instead is linked to one of the most beautiful and intense sex scenes in cinema, the one between Leticia – the character of Berry –, a woman left alone in the world, after the execution in prison of her husband and the premature death of her sonand Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) – the prison officer who led the protagonist’s husband to his death -, also in mourning because of the suicide of his son. The sex scene between Leticia and Hank is extremely liberating and emotionally painful and liberating at the same time. The explosion of eroticism as a weapon to defeat pain.

9. Among the 10 most unforgettable female orgasms in the history of cinema is that of Jennifer Aniston in A week from God (2003)

In comedy A week from Godreporter Bruce (a hilarious Jim Carrey) obtains from God (Morgan Freeman) “godlike” powers for 7 days. The protagonist thus decides to test his abilities on his girlfriend Grace, played by Jennifer Aniston. In the sequence in question, Grace – while in the bathroom – receives a surprise orgasm, remotely provoked by her partner for fun. A – sadly – ​​all-male perspective of female pleasure. We cite this film as a reminder of what we no longer want to see on screen.

10. Barbarella (1968) closes the list of the 10 most unforgettable female orgasms in the history of cinema

We close this list with one of the films that has helped to revolutionize the role of heroines within science fiction works. In Barbarella by Roger Vadim appears for the first time in the cinemaExcessive Machine, a sophisticated machine capable of releasing erogenous capacities strong enough to knock anyone out. When the protagonist, played by Jane Fondais submitted to you, overloads the machine, destroying it thanks to its erotic exuberance.

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