the 10 films to retrieve and review in the summer

Anticipated by a heat wave, the summer season has officially arrived: below we propose a list of 10 films to be recovered in the summer. From timeless cult in the name of lightheartedness, to thrilling titles, here are some films that are well suited to the hottest months of the year.

Cinefanatici - the 10 films to recover (and revise) in the summer

Summer: for many it is considered the season of fun, lightness, but also of adventure. Outside the school desks, the younger ones find themselves on the beach. Even for the older ones, the sea is the favorite destination. The hottest season of the year is also the one in which the most significant experiences and changes usually take place. And cinema knows this well. In fact, there are many films set during the summer: from Italian comedy to teen comedy with an international flavor, up to suspense and horror, the hottest months of the year have been declined in different forms. Below, we propose a list of ten titles, in our opinion, the most significant that well enclose this plurality.

Movies to see in the summer

The films to see in the summer: the timeless Italian comedy

We could not start this review if not from Overtakingto commemorate Jean-Louis Trintignant And Catherine Spaak, who disappeared on June 17 and April 17, respectively. Directed by Dino Risi and released in 1962, it also boasts the cast showman Vittorio Gassman. The film is among the greatest examples not only of Italian comedy but of made in Italy on the big screen, so much so that it occupies the 66th place in the list of 100 Italian films to be saved. The feature film looks like a photograph of the economic boom post-war period of those years, bringing the carefree and the hedonism of the time. Not surprisingly, the film is set in the summer.

What a summer it would be without Overwhelmed by an unusual fate in the blue August sea by Lina Wertmüller? The late local director, who together with Mariangela Melato And Giancarlo Giannini had formed an iconic trio, brought a story of class conflict to the big screen in 1974, which took shape through the rich and classy Raffaella (Melato) and the helmsman of the yacht she hired, Gennarino (Giannini). Against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, the director gave an eternal masterpiece, which she absolutely did not need a remake Guy Ritchie And Madonna).

Summer movie
Il Sorpasso (on the left); Overwhelmed by an unusual fate in the blue August sea (right)

Remaining on our own soil, another film to be recovered in the summer is certainly Taste of sea. Directed by Carlo Vanzinathe 1983 film boasts an ensemble cast that includes Jerry Calà, Christian De Sica, Virna Lisi, Isabella Ferrari And Alba Parietti, among others. Set in Forte dei Marmi in the summer of 1964, the film sees the stories of different families intertwine, especially their children. Carefree, changes and new loves move the ranks of an unforgettable summer for the protagonists of the film, an indispensable Italian cult.

The most famous international titles

For the lightness of the contents and the light-heartedness inherent in the adventures of the characters, the summer season has found great success also in the genres teen. In this sense, two cult of the Eighties are among the milestones to be recovered in the summer and, despite their respective differences, they share many traits. This is de The Goonies And Stand By Me – Memories of a summer. Released respectively in 1985 and 1986, both follow the structure of the Bildungsromanwhich has as its protagonists a group of friends, engaged in an adventure destined to change them, mature them and increase their bond.

In the first film mentioned, the boys, after having found the mother of Willie the Orbo’s treasure, will decide to set out on a journey to find its gold. They do not know, however, that they will find a gang of criminals on their heels. The second, based on a story by Stephen King, is set in 1959. Four young people will go on an adventure, stumbling upon the corpse of a boy. It will be the summer that will change their life forever.

Also from the Eighties, another timeless cult that everyone will recognize even thanks to just one sentence: “Nobody puts Baby in the corner“. To pronounce it is the lamentation Patrick Swayze in the role of Johnny Castle. Well yes, we are talking about Dirty Dancing – forbidden dances. Released in theaters in 1987 and shot surprisingly in the fall, the film is set in the summer of 1963 in a tourist village located in the Catskill Mountains. The location will be the backdrop to the love story that will blossom between Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Gray) e Castleup to the now famous final with the iconic grip of the angelwith in the background (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.

And of musical moments, Oh mama! it is full of them. All of the successful film adaptation of the homonymous musical screams summer. The setting in Kalokairi, an island of Greece, the lightheartedness of the hits of the ABBAold loves that come back to blossom and new ones that are born: if summer had a face it would be that of Meryl Streep in the role of Sheridan woman. The latter is the undisputed star of the film. Her only daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), is about to get married. The young woman would like to invite her father, whom she has never known. From her mother’s old diaries, she will learn about three great loves, all dating back to the time of her conception. Sam Carmichael (Pierce Brosnan), Harry Bright (Colin Firth) and Bill Anderson (Stella Skarsgard) will arrive on the island, helping to make that summer unforgettable.

For a thrilling summer: here are some titles

But summer is not just synonymous with comedy. Often, in fact, the lightheartedness on the big screen has been accompanied by superficiality of the young protagonists. These, for the desire for fun, have not paid due attention on certain occasions. Lot of horror movie they start from this assumption and, as a sort of warning to those who exaggerate, they “punished” such excesses (according to the “rules” of the film genre). This is the case of the inattention of those responsible for the Crystal Lake Campwhich caused the baby’s death Jason Voorhees, one of the most famous cinematic serial killers of all time. We are obviously talking about the first chapter of one of the most iconic sagas of the genre slasherthat is to say Friday 13. After the accident that occurred 23 years earlier, some university students decide to reopen the place. The initiative will trigger a massacre, which will take place near the town, with unexpected implications.

Always a group of young people, but this time in Sweden, in a village hidden in unspoiled nature and which shuns modernity. These are the assumptions underlying the recent Midsommarfrom Ari Aster. It is a contemporary cult that has wisely rewritten the canons of folk horror. The use of psychotropic substances, ancestral cults and a strong presence of archaic symbolism embellish one of the most discussed (and successful) horror films of recent years.

Summer movie
Midsommar (left): The shark (right)

Finally, we could only conclude with another cult, which brings us back to the sea. And what is the worst fear you can have when you are in the water? That, suddenly, a dangerous animal might appear, like one shark. For those who do not want to give up the suspense, The shark from Steven Spielberg from 1975 is certainly one of the films to be recovered in the summer. Those two notes that simply alternate me And does and herald the appearance of the monster have fully entered the history of cinema. In short, even in summer there is something for everyone.

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