The 10 most famous musicals released after 2000

What are the musicals that have marked the new millennium winning the favor of audiences and critics and demonstrating the magnificence of the genre that more than any other testifies to talent? Let’s find out with the 10 most successful musicals released after 2000.

From The jazz singer of 1927, which leads to the birth of sound, theunion between music and cinematographic art gave birth to a new way of making cinema. With the most successful musicals released after 2000 it is clear how much the glories of the genre continue up to the present day, marking important pages in the history of seventh art. Starting from Moulin Rouge! and reaching up to the last edition of the Oscars let’s see, in chronological order, which musicals have stood out in the last 22 years, winning acclaim and countless awards.

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1. Moulin Rouge! among the 10 most successful musicals released after 2000

Moulin Rouge among the 10 most successful musicals released after 2000

2001. Baz Luhrmann directs Nicole Kidman And Ewan McGregor in a musical which, inspired by the astray from Giuseppe Verdirevisits some iconic songs from the pop movement, from Nature Boy from David Bowie to Lady Marmalade from Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya And Pink. Moulin Rouge! is a tragic love story that was very successful thanks above all to the surprising singing skills of the two protagonists and a wonderful scenographyawarded to the Oscars like the costumes.

2. Chicago among the 10 most successful musicals released after 2000

Chicago among the 10 most successful musicals released after 2000

2002. With Chicago, Rob Marshall (director) e Bill Condon (writer) reproduce the homonymous stage musical directed by Bob Fosse. The winner of 6 statuettes at the 2003 Oscars, including the one for best film, impresses not only for the impeccable writing, but also for the exceptional nature of each of his interpreters starting from Richard Geere, Renee Zellweger And Catherine Zeta-Jones and passing by Queen Latifah, John C. Reilly, Lucy Liu and others.

3. High School Musicals among the most successful musicals released after 2000

High School Musical among the 10 most successful musicals released after 2000

2006. Kenny Ortega directs the film which in addition to consecrating the golden era of Disney Channelkicks off the astonishing career of one Zac Efron just 18 at the time. In High School Musicalsthe first chapter of the saga which lasted for another 2 years and as many films, the protagonist of Ted Bundy – Criminal charm interprets, together with Vanessa Hudgensthe love story that has conquered and made millions of young people dance all over the world.

4. Sweeney Todd – The evil barber of Fleet Street among the 10 most successful musicals released after 2000

Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

2007. Tim Burton writes another page of the story of his partnership with the chameleon Johnny Depp And Helena Bonham Carter, at the time the director’s companion. The three artists have together animated a series of works often immersed in gothic settings, ranging from animated film to drama to Sweeney Todda musical that swings between the thriller and the grotesque and which takes up the novel of the same name from 1846, then followed by various adaptations.

5. Hairspray – Fat is beautiful

Hairspray - Fat is beautiful

2007. The year after the great success of High School Musicals, Zac Efron returns to the genre that made him famous, alongside great performers such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken and an unrecognizable John Travolta. Hairspray – Fat is beautifuldirected by Adam Shankmanis taken from the homonymous musical of Broadway, as well as from the film of John Waters of 1988 and, as a blockbuster, is in 6th place in the ranking of musical most successful in the United States.

6. Mamma Mia!

Oh mama!  among the 10 most successful musicals released after 2000

2008. The talented and award-winning Meryl Streep is the protagonist of the film adaptation of musical which takes its title from one of the most famous songs of the ABBASwedish group whose songs make up the entire soundtrack of the work. Oh mama!10 years later reenacted by the sequel to Ol Parkeris directed by Phyllida Lloyd and sees the participation of Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard it’s a’Amanda Seyfried still semi-unknown.

7. Les Miserables among the most famous and successful musicals

Les Misérables

2012. Tom Hopper proposes his version of one of the most famous novels of the 19th century, adapting the stage musical written by Claude-Michel Schoenberg And Alain Boublil in 1980. Les Miserables recounts the events that characterized France, from the post-Napoleonic Restoration to the anti-monarchist revolt of June 1832 with the voices of an exceptional cast which, among Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne And Russell Crowehe sees emerge Anne Hathawayable that year to win all the most prestigious awards in the category best supporting actress.

8. La La Land

La La Land

2016. Two years after the success of Whiplash, Damien Chazelle directs the musical which in recent years has enjoyed greater success both with critics and with the public, giving even more prestige to two formidable actors, such as Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. La La Landwhich also sees the participation of the musician John Legendthe following year he manages to win 6 statuettes at the Oscars gone down in history for the serious mistake that also saw him awarded the prize as Best Filmthen handed over to the producers and director of Moonlight.

9. The Greatest Showman among the most famous musicals

The Greatest Showman

2017. Yet Zac Efron and most importantly still Hugh Jackman. The Australian actor plays Phineas Taylor Barnumin fact the inventor, during the nineteenth century, of what is the modern conception of the circus. The Greatest Showmandirected by Michael Gracey and written by Jenny Bricks And Bill Condonhas a rather indecipherable reception, which fluctuates between the enthusiasm for the performance of some interpreters and the harsh criticism towards a plot lacking in poetry, but remains one of the 10 most successful musicals released after 2000.

10. West Side Story

West Side Story

2021. Steven Spielberg proves for the umpteenth time that he wants to tell cinema at 360 degrees. The director of The Fablemanssoon in all Italian theaters, is confronted with one of the most successful musicals of all time. West Side Story is the second film adaptation of the work made in the 1950s by Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents, which tells a love story against the background of the rivalry between two gangs of teenagers (Puerto Ricans on one side and Americans on the other). The protagonists of the film Spielberg I am Ansel Elgort (divergent And Baby Drivers) And Rachel Zeglerin his big screen debut.

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