The 10 most watched series on Netflix from August 21 to 27, 2023

The month of August 2023 has just come to an end. That said, it does not prevent the streaming platform netflix stay the course and stay active. During the 34e week of the year, we have been able to see new titles shaking up the pre-established ranking for some time. So, what might the top 10 most watched series on Netflix look like right now?


You can find out without further delay in the lines to follow.

10. At Home with the Furys

-I7.1 R73-

YouTube video

  • Genres: Boxing, Documentary, Sports
  • Directors: Tina Flintoff, Nick Hornby, Josh Jacobs
  • Cast: Tyson Fury, Paris Fury, Prince John James Fury, Venezuela Fury

Synopsis: Tyson Fury is known to be one of the greatest boxers of all time. This champion dominates the heavyweight world with an iron fist while ensuring the show for the greatest pleasure of lovers of the noble art. But when we put his career aside, what do we actually know about his life as a man and a father?

If you still do not have an answer to this question, he himself proposes to enlighten you on this subject. Tyson Fury opens the doors to his home as he is about to retire. Get to know through this program Paris, his wife, his six children, as well as his father John.

9. A Perfect Story


YouTube video

  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Director: Chloe Wallace
  • Cast: Anna Castillo, Álvaro Mel, Ane Gabarain, Elena Irureta, Ana Belén, Lourdes Hernández, Ingrid García Jonsson

Synopsis: Margot is the heiress of a large family at the head of a large hotel empire. As she is about to get married, she panics and runs away on the day of the ceremony in a wedding dress. Running at high speed without really having a goal, she no longer knows where she is.

When she really does not know what to think anymore, it is in all this chaos that she crosses paths with a young man named David. Although they are perfect strangers to each other, this meeting will have a great impact for Margot. Hopefully, this unexpected event might just be the ray of hope she’s been looking for.

8. Ballers

-A4 I7.6 R72-

YouTube video

  • Genres: Drama, Sports
  • Created by: Stephen Levinson
  • Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Rob Corddry, John David Washington, Anabelle Acosta, Arielle Kebbel, Omar Benson Miller, Troy Garity

Synopsis: Spencer Strasmore is a former star of the Miami Dolphins team. Now retired, his new life is nonetheless closely linked ultimately to the world of American football.

This former superstar has converted into an agent and puts forward his brilliant career to supervise rookies, confirmed players and even former stars. That said, will his reputation be enough for him to find a place for himself in this environment where all shots are allowed to reap maximum benefits?

7. Destiny With You


YouTube video

  • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
  • Director: Nam Ki-hoon
  • Cast: Rowoon, Jo Bo-ah, Ha Jun, Yura, Lee Pil-mo, Lee Bong-ryeon, Hyun Bong-sik, Song Young-gyu, Park Kyung-hye

Synopsis: Lee Hong-jo is a lawyer devoted body and soul to her profession. Real relentless, she never skimps on her efforts when she is in charge of a case. On the side of her personal life, the latter leads a most solitary life. One day, she is approached by Jang Sin-yu, a brilliant and attractive lawyer whose reputation is second to none.

The latter needs his services for a strange case. Although he doesn’t look like it, he suffers from an unknown disease that seems to have only affected his family for generations. And against all odds, Lee Hong-jo holds the keys to the mystery that could put an end to this curse that overwhelms him.


-A3.7 I7.5 R70-

YouTube video

  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy
  • Created by: Adam Price
  • Cast: Theresa Frostad Eggesbo, David Stakston, Jonas Strand Gravli, Herman Tommeraas, Emma Bones

Synopsis: A small Norwegian town has been plagued by increasingly unbearable winters for some time. To make matters worse, the showers are also incredibly violent. But what can be the cause of such climate change?

Is this really normal? Unfortunately, everything suggests that its events are the harbingers of a new Ragnarök. That said, is there anything or anyone that could help end this calamity?

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5. Who Is Erin Carter?

-A2.9 I6.4-

YouTube video

  • Genres: Drama, Thriller
  • Creation: Jack Lothian,
  • Cast: Evin Ahmad, Sean Teale, Douglas Henshall, Susannah Fielding, Charlotte Vega, Indica Watson, Pep Ambros

Synopsis: Erin Carter is a teacher of British origin who leads a very peaceful life in Palomino, a small town in Spain. But while she came to do some shopping in a supermarket, Erin finds herself in a robbery.

As she tries to escape, she has a violent altercation with one of the thieves. Subsequently, the thief in question claims to know her. Very quickly, his peaceful life is turned upside down. And while the rumors are rife, she will have to clear her name at all costs and ensure the safety of her family.

4. The Chosen One

-A2.8 I45.6 R83-

YouTube video

  • Genres: Drama, Religion
  • Director: Everardo Dout
  • Cast: Tenoch Huerta Mejia, Dianna Agron, Carlos Bardem

Synopsis: Jodie is a young boy barely twelve years old who lives with his family in Baja California Sur. One day, the latter discovers to his great surprise that he has powers that have many similarities with those of Jesus Christ. Is he actually his reincarnation?

Just as Jesus did, he is able to turn water into wine, restore the ability to walk in the disabled, and even bring the dead back to life. If he is indeed the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, has he returned to Earth to guide humanity towards its destiny?

3. Mask Girl

-A3.7 I7.4-

YouTube video

  • Genres: Dark Comedy, Drama, Thriller
  • Creation: Kim Yong-hoon
  • Cast: Go Hyun-jung, Nana, Ahn Jae-hong, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Jung-hwa, Lee Han-byeol

Synopsis: Kim Mo-mi is a very reserved office worker who harbors an inferiority complex because of her appearance, which she considers unstylish. If during the day it does not manage to come out of its shell, it is quite different when night falls.

Putting on a mask once at home, Kim Mo-mi transforms and becomes for a few hours a web star followed by thousands of Internet users. However, his moments of escape will only be short-lived, as a series of unfortunate events will jeopardize his life.

2. Painkiller

-A3.8 I7.5 R49-

YouTube video

  • Genres: Drama, Mystery
  • Director: Peter Berg
  • Cast: Uzo Aduba, Matthew Broderick, Taylor Kitsch, West Duchovny, Carolina Bartczak, Jack Mulhern, Dina Shihab

Synopsis: “Painkiller” is a mini-series that takes a look at one of the scandals that shook the American people the most several years ago. To be more precise, the scandal in question dates back to the early 1990s.

Known as the “opioid crisis,” the world was shocked to see the embezzlement of the masterminds of the pharmaceutical industry.

The latter, continually in search of profit, had no qualms about encouraging health professionals to prescribe drugs to their patients with even more harmful effects on their health. This sad affair has notably made Americans aware of the risk that those who were supposed to be the guarantors of their well-being have made them run.

1. Deep V Heard

-A2.4 I4.9 R27-

YouTube video

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Director: Emma Cooper
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Amber Heard

Synopsis: The names of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard resonated more than ever in 2022. Unfortunately, all the noise around them was far from the film sets. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, his ex-wife, were at the heart of a scandal that caught the attention of all the Hollywood elite and the public.

Discover through this documentary series, the tumultuous story of this couple of stars who were once madly in love and married from 2012 to 2016. But since their separation, love has given way to hatred and have made them the worst enemies in the world. world. And all this tension ended up leading them to court on charges of domestic violence.

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