The 20 best movie exclusive to see instantly on Netflix

In these dark times there is light always at the ready to light up: that of the streaming. Take refuge among the hundreds of titles available online helps to pass the time and Netflix seems to have an endless amount. Numbers high for a digital library in which to lose oneself, with the risk of making the wrong choice and not be able to remove the brain in the best way. So how can you find the movie right in the middle of all this chaos? We thought, with this practical guide to the 20 best titles Netflixamong the productions completely original, the film distributed, and everything that slips in the middle. So, to the age-old request, “consigliami a good movie on Netflix”, you will be able to answer.

Beasts of No Nation – Cary Joji Fukunaga (2015)

The first original Netflix it is a movie directed by Fukunaga of True Detective. Beasts of No Nation you mess up the eyes of bright colors, mixed with the mud of guerrilla warfare in africa. You’ll end up in the horror through the eyes of a little boy, and the interpretation of magnetic Idris Elba, which will make it pop all the evils of the conflict.

Hell or High Water – David Mackenzie (2016)

The old west in a contemporary look. The echo of the saloon and of the amica of the fire is still felt in the valleys, but the border remains only dust, and some bank robbing. Here you move the two brothers, convinced of being able to turn their life. Without having done the math with the sheriff of a wonderful Jeff Bridges.

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore – Macon Blair (2017)

Blood, comedy, nihilism, madness, and Elijah Wood with the nunchaku. What more do you want? From Sundance to Netflix, Macon Blair, he writes and directs a black comedy over the top but able to conquer the hearts. If you decide to get justice after the thief entered the house, you have to be ready for anything.

Kodachrome – Mark Satin (2017)

If you want a dramedy ready to warm your heart, and with some burn-in, then Kodachrome is for you. A road movie with an unusual, Jason Sudeikis, a sparkling Elizabeth Olsen and an impressive Ed Harris. Perfect soundtrack for a film without pretension.

First they killed my father ” – Angelina Jolie (2017)

Angelina Jolie tells in raw sweetness the revolution of the Khmer rouge in Cambodia. Person-to-worker ant, where the ideologies destroy every form of freedom. All through the eyes of a girl, who is in the midst of the death she just wanted to play.

The Meyerowitz Stories – Noah Baumbach (2017)

Family inconclusive, misunderstandings, New York, and a sequence of characters, crazy and adorable. Noah Baumbach puts his signature on a film with which to scratch the concept of family, leaving a powder finish, and colorful. Managing in addition to trace on Adam Sandler’s the perfect role.

Good Time – Josh and Benny Safdie (2017)

An acid trip in which you lost throughout the night. Netflix launches the career of the brothers Safdiein this race lsd to a better future. Robert Pattinson gives a masterful interpretation, trying to turn in the midst of a bank robbery, the flashes of neon and a New York nestled between lights and shadows.

Hold the Dark – Jeremy Saulnier (2018)

Alaska, wolves, frost. And a little boy who disappears. Looking for it is mandate, also a naturalist, played by the amazing Jeffrey Wright. In Hold the Dark you will have blood and violence, ready to explode, with surgical precision.

Annihilation – Alex Garland (2018)

A celestial body falls on a coast of the United States, giving way to a biological phenomenon electromagnetic. To investigate on the strange event, after several failures, is sent to Lena, a former soldier and biologist played by Natalie Portman. With Annihilation you are ready for just about anything.

The ballad of Buster Scruggs, Joel and Ethan Coen (2018)

A tale of the western episodes full of the poetry of the Coen. Atypical in his folly, full of characters above the lines, as if you wanted to enter in the Far West, by the door. Spalancandolo with a kick.

Rome – Alfonso Cuarón (2018)

Rome is cinema tangiblethat is , those that you secure in the mind is taken by painting it black and white. The story of Cleo, home in the City of Mexico of the early Years ’70, becomes the single and universal, to a single multitude can tell, really, all of us.

Curtiz – Tamás Topolánszky (2018)

Casablanca has made the history of cinema. But who made Casablanca? Curtiz is a nostalgic film, where the director and the story mix, merging their borders. Tears movie, quotes are essential, and a total respect for the matter narrated.

Dolemite Is My Name – Craig Brewer (2019)

Eddie Murphy embodies Rudy Ray Moore, a stand-up comedian and pioneer and inventor of the character of “Dolemite”. A biographical film capable of bringing you to a place seemingly beyond the world, but then, underneath it, near to all of us.

Klaus – The secret of Christmas – Sergio Pablos (2019)

You can revisit the birth of Christmas in 2019? Yes, tackling the theme with a nostalgic sweetness. Klaus does everything and more, warms the heart and burns the soul, in a flurry of classic animation. A fairy tale is dense and real, capable of embracing us all.

The Irishman Martin Scorsese (2019)

The swan song of gangster-movie signed Martin Scorsese. Strongly wanted from NetflixThe Irishman will make you relive the whole of the poetics of the director Italian-american. Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe pesci leave a sign nostalgic for a type of cinema, now at sunset.

Story of a wedding – Noah Baumbach (2019)

Charlie and Nicole are a married couple. They are deeply in love. Are divorcing. With two masterful interpretations of Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, Noah Baumbach tells us all. Tears included.

The two popes – Fernando Meirelles (2019)

Movies that try to unravel the background of the relationship between Ratzinger and Bergoglio, interpreted with mastery by Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. After all, what prompted Benedict XVI to give up his role?

Atlantique – Mati Diop (2019)

The grand Prix Special de Jury at Cannes, a magical realism that is capable of opening one hole on the Senegal. A storm of social redemption and feelings of unstoppable, in a perfect blend of supernatural and contemporary.

Where is my body? – Jérémy Clapin (2019)

Where is my body? does a sweet job and surgery on the feel, on the importance of feel through the hands. Distributed by Netflixtakes home a slice of Cannes and a piece of the heart of the public.

Diamonds in the rough – Josh and Benny Safdie (2020)

The life of Howard, the jeweler new york, is invaded by the craters of the gambling debts and the lies. Adam Sandler steals the gaze in this second pearl of the Safdie, ready to jump into our black hole.

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