The 2022 vacation will be more expensive. Get ready for a raise

Inflation in Poland does not want to slow down, and this affects not only the prices of the most popular products in grocery stores, high prices at gas stations or rising electricity bills.

Combined with the weakening zloty, the price index makes travel services more expensive. According to data for October, organized holiday abroad has increased by 4.6 percent during the year. In reality, however, it is much worse and prices are rising much faster.

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This is best seen on the example of next year’s holidays. – Tours during the school holidays in 2022 increased in price by approximately 10-15 percent. compared to September prices. Inflation translates into price increases that also affect the tourism industry, he says Business Insider Polska Radosław Damasiewicz, president of This is one of the websites that collects offers from many travel agencies, incl. Itaki, TUI, Grecos, Exim Tours or Coral Travel.

Examples of price increases? – While for next year’s holiday it was possible to book a stay with a flight in a four-star hotel with half board (breakfast and dinner – ed.) At the end of September for PLN 1.2-1.3 thousand. PLN in Bulgaria, and for about 1.5 thousand. PLN in Greece, at the beginning of December Bulgaria costs at least 1.4 thousand-1.5 thousand. PLN, and Greece at least 1.9 thousand. PLN – says Damasiewicz. This means increases of several hundred zlotys.

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