The 2023 Spring Tournament begins this Tuesday, the 19th.

Belo Horizonte City Hall will host the opening ceremony of the 2023 Spring Games, promoted by the Municipal Sports and Leisure Department (SMEL) and the Education Department (SMED), at 9:00 am this Tuesday (19th) in the Arena Hall. Pupils studying from primary school to EJA (Youth and Adult Education) have the opportunity to participate in the sports offered by PBH.

The event marks the beginning of a spring tournament exclusively for students ages 10 to 17, with a total of 3,423 students participating from 75 schools across the City Education Network. The games last approximately 60 days and the competition includes regional, qualifying and municipal stages.

Students will compete in eight sports: futsal, handball, mixed volleyball, track and field, badminton, taekwondo, table tennis, and chess, as well as four parasports events (PCD track and field, PCD table tennis, para-badminton, and para-taekwondo).

In addition to tournaments, spring competitions also include the Spring Festival. This is a participatory opportunity for students aged 6 to 10 to experience and participate in a variety of sports and other practices within city schools.

All schools serving these age groups are invited to participate in the festival and each school unit has established this organization with the aim of encouraging the practice of sports by also conducting recreational activities in the form of games and games. I’ll be in charge. This festival is an opportunity for students to awaken their interest in sports, and they can also participate in future editions.

spring tournament

The Spring Games are exclusively for students belonging to the educational network of the city of Belo Horizonte, and are organized by municipal schools under the organization of the City Secretariat for Sports, Leisure and Education, with the aim of promoting interest and practice in sports. This is a sports tournament. Facilitate student access to educational sporting events and encourage participation in the Belo Horizonte School Games (JEBH).

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