The 3 tricks to make the holidays by spending exactly half

There are many ways to save on our next vacation. Three of these, however, are so effective, yet so effective, that alone they allow us to save up to half the cost of our trip.

Saving so much, obviously, is convenient for everyone, but it can only tempt those who are preparing to leave in the coming weeks. On the other hand, inflation is also being felt on travel and holiday prices, and for many, trying to save is imperative.

Well, but what are these three tricks (very simple to apply) to use right away to save up to 50% of the entire cost of our holidays? Let’s get to the point: the first is to avoid taking on the cost of fuel. Then move by public transport, especially trains and buses. Instead, avoid using your own vehicle and planes. The reason is simple: the prices of buses and trains are fixed (so they have not changed with respect to inflation). While those of airline tickets and fuel have increased dramatically.

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We come to the second method, the second “trick”. It may sound too simple, but it consists of taking holidays in late August, rather than mid-month. Or, even better, in early September. The climate is the same, the destinations are even more beautiful (because there is less crowds, so we avoid queues, unnecessary waiting and overcrowded parking lots) and yet the costs are much lower. Up to half.

And the third way? This is also very simple. It is a question of booking at least 25 days before departure, and do it strictly by comparing prices. For example, on the Skyscanner website you can see the different prices of you every day of the month. In this way, we will simply choose the most advantageous. These three tricks are enough and our holidays can only cost half. Not bad, right?

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