The 30-year-old’s internet fraud is over. She was arrested

Lodz policemen from the department dealing with combating cybercrime detained A 30-year-old suspected of online fraud, mostly committed when selling via auction portals. Instead of the purchased goods, buyers were sent envelopes stuffed with scraps of paper. The woman used someone else’s bank accounts to receive and hide the money from the crime.

“The collected material shows that an inhabitant of Łódź – from May 2020 to January 2022 – by setting up fake stores on the network, led to an unfavorable disposition of the property of several thousand people from all over the country and extorted the amount of up to PLN 1 million. On auction portals, she advertised the sale of mainly telephones and game consoles, which she did not have. She generated shipping labels and sent envelopes filled only with scraps of paper ”

– said Joanna Kącka, spokeswoman for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź on Friday.

Confirmation of the shipment in the collection system resulted in the transfer of funds, paid by the buyer, to the account indicated by the fraudster. In turn, the bills The 30-year-old obtained by posting notices about the possibility of granting loans. To those interested, she recommended setting up bank accounts and sending the data necessary to use them. The investigators found that the woman used over 100 such accounts to receive and hide the swindled money.

The suspect was arrested on January 10. Her place of residence and several of the cars she leased were searched, securing electronic media as well as cash and records related to criminal activities. Investigators also identified several accounts used for the practice and asked for a blockade of funds on them, which will be secured against the impending penalty.

The woman has already heard the accusations concerning initially 20 victims, from which she extorted 48 thousand. zloty. However, the police make a reservation that this is not the end – identifying and reaching all victims is still ongoing. 30-year-olds face up to 8 years in prison for cheating.

Source:, PAP

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