The 40×40 Meghan Markle project called the “deceptive way” of “increasing reputation”

The 40 × 40 Meghan Markle design was recently hailed as a “confusing way” to “bolster” a lost reputation.

This claim was made by Royal Sky News commentator Jonathan Sacherduti.

During a recent interview with expression forHe was quoted saying, “I believe that the rich or the privileged can help others in a variety of ways. This is clearly a problem I think you face when you have a lot of wealth or privilege. “

“We see, for example, people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and others who are exceptionally rich as a result of the trade or business they have been involved in and often manage to make it from scratch, but not always.”

“And I think they come up with ideas like giving away most of their real financial fortune when you look at people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.”

“They made this pledge with this pledge that they would give up a large part of their fortune, and even Lord Ashcroft of the UK has signed it.”

There are others who talk about taking steps to “balance” by “giving up” most of the accumulated wealth during their lifetime.

“Now I think the approach Meghan and Harry have taken doesn’t seem that approach as they both openly want more money.”

“In their minds, they clearly lack cash compared to what they want.” But of course, in the minds of many other people, just $ 14 million spent on their home can do so much good for society and so much sympathy can be expressed through donations of this magnitude.

“I don’t know how much money they donate to charity, they can do it quietly. If so, my hat is up to them, it’s the best and most altruistic way to donate money to charity, so I don’t comment on what they do and what they don’t give, I don’t know. “

“But I know for sure that it’s an obvious choice to portray yourself as living a very luxurious lifestyle, make movies like that, surround yourself with celebrities, do what’s called compassion, and get celebrities and wealthy friends who are trying to sacrifice 40 minutes for the poor. “

In summary, “I just think this is the wrong way to show empathy and kindness to others. Some have suggested that this may be more about enhancing reputations and brands than helping a lot of real people. “

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