the $ 5 billion deal seems close –

According to what reported by Reuters in these hours, it seems that theagreement for the construction of the new megaIntel chip factory in Italy from 5 billion dollars is close, part of a large investment planned by the American company in Europe, for a total of 88 billion dollars to increase the production of chips through various initiatives in the Old Continent.

We have been talking about this possibility for several months, but so far no advancements related to the agreement have been disclosed, given that at the moment there was only talk of a proposal, with the bargaining between the parties that has gone on in the meantime.

Inte Core

Inte Core

According to the source referred to by Reuters, which remained anonymous, it seems that the agreement should materialize shortly, probably towards the end of Augustso that it can already be established before the new political elections to be held in September 2022.

According to the sources, the government is expected to finance about 40% of Intel’s investment in Italy, which will be greater than 5 billion dollars, given that this is only foreseen for the first phase. The agreement is being finalized in the office of the outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghibut at the moment there are no official confirmations on the matter.

The factory should take care of the packaging of new chips and be based on particularly advanced structures and technologies. Intel and the Italian government would have narrowed down the choice for the possible site in which to place the factory between two candidates: one in the northern area of ​​Piedmont and one in Venetoawaiting a final decision, after having also taken into consideration Lombardy, Puglia and Sicily at first.

The project is part of the Chip Act issued by the European Commission in 2022, which provides for the availability of 15 billion euros in public and private investments by 2030, in addition to the 30 billion in public investments planned by NextGenerationEU, Horizon Europe and national budgets.

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