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THE 30 years they represent, for most, the real entry into adulthood. A “passage” that is also staged in the TV series. Very often, in fact, the productions television bring to the screen characters struggling with the little ones, big changes that this age entails. New jobs, cohabitations or marriages, new acquaintances (or historical friendships) and transfers to big cities. Thirties, however, can also become the perfect protagonists of thriller compelling or imaginative stories. If the sagas of Sex and the CityFriends, How you met your mother e New Girl have are engraved in the history of television, here is 5 new TV series and some alternatives, which anyone in their 30s should look into streaming to recognize yourself.

1. Valeria (Netflix)
A Spanish production that draws inspiration from the series of romance novels written by Elísabet Benavent, also known as Betacoqueta. The first season was released on Netflix in May of 2020. Valeria is a writer who at threshold of 30 years he realizes that something is wrong with his marriage and realizes he has one career on the razor’s edge. He learns, therefore, to question everything about his life thanks to three fixed points: best friends Carmen, Lola and Nerea. In Spain i novels from which the series is based have become best sellers and have also been published in Italy after the TV release. The series has also been such a success that it has also been confirmed for a second season.
The European version of Sex and the city: irreverent, with feminist ideas and without taboos.

2. Start-up (Prime video)
A psychological thriller which has as its field of action the world of cryptocurrencies, del digital and innovative companies. The protagonists are four: an FBI agent (Martin Freeman), a finance expert (Adam Brody), a criminal (Edi Gathegi) and the creator of a new virtual currency, genius of the digital world (Otmara Marrero). Although it is entirely set in You love methis TV series also has an Italian touch: the producer is in fact the Roman Gianni Nunnari, who now lives permanently in the United States. Among his works there are also the production of blockbuster 300 and the film Silence directed by Martin Scorsese.
Perfect for those who want to understand something more of the world of bitcoin but also for those who love thrillers. A series capable of holding the spectators perpetually with bated breath.

3. Nine perfect strangers (Prime video)
A successful miniseries that can count on a stellar cast. Nine characters who do not know each other find themselves by chance in one Spa who promises to transform, heal and relax them, but soon realize they will have to contend with Masha, the owner of the resort (Nicole Kidman), a charming but at the same time disturbing woman. Among the protagonists of the series in addition to Kidman, several other Hollywood faces appear: Luke Evans, Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall and Oscar nominees Melissa McCarthy and Michael Shannon. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, also author of the book “Big Little lies” from which a series has been drawn that sees Nicole Kidman among the protagonists. The resort in which the events are set – the Tranquillum House – actually exists: however, it is a country retreat, isolated and immersed in the quiet, which is possible rent through AirBnb. It is located in Australia and its name is Soma Byron Bay.
A miniseries compelling and full of twists. Ideal for those who love mysteries.

4. 15 years again (Netflix)
If I could come back Would I do it all the same Many have asked this question. Anita, the protagonist of the Brazilian TV series “15 years again”, has the opportunity to answer the question. When she has 30 years manages, by chance, to go back in time and relive his adolescence, tweaking some things that will lead her to be a better adult. The format is the reverse construction of the plot of “30 years in a second”, the 2004 film in which Jennifer Garner she played Jenna, a teenager who could take a time leap into the future and discover the 30-year-old she would become if she didn’t change something about her here I’m.
Ironic, fun, light. An enjoyable TV series, to watch without obligation.

5. Anatomy of a scandal (Netflix)
An original production Netflix, all British. “Anatomy of a scandal”, released in mid-April 2022, received a huge success worldwide. The miniseries, which marks Sienna Miller’s return to the screen, is composed by themselves six episodes and you can see it in full in one weekend. Sophie and James Whitehouse, i protagonistsare husband and wife and have known each other since the days of college. Their life is turned upside down when James – UK interior minister – comes accused of rape and put on trial and Sophie begins to have doubts about him and his past. Halfway between the legal drama and the thrillerthe series takes up delicate themes and the concepts of subordination, privilege and power in the circles of policy. Topics covered in reality in the Lewinsky case and in the partygate on Boris Johnson.
Intrigues, subterfugesecrets and even a dip in the traditions of Great Britain. A series that is on the whole very fascinating.

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