The 5 scariest movies ever to watch on Halloween

Just like Christmas has its music and Valentine’s Day has its chocolates, Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without its scary movies. The carved pumpkins, costumes and cobwebs around the house are certainly nice, but to really set the mood you need a little more.

In fact, there is nothing better than an evening in front of the TV watching movies with zombies, witches and spells to make your hair stand on end to get you in the spirit of the spooky season.

You don’t have to be a horror fan for appreciate a good Halloween movie: some of these movies aren’t even that scary! They are just full of the fun that makes this party one of a kind.

So if, on the scariest weekend of the year, you are planning an evening at home with friends and classmates, there is nothing better to do than order pizza, bring out the candies, turn off all the lights, and do a marathon of the best Halloween movies. Here are 5 that we think you might like.

Hocus Pocus

Classic Halloween Celebration Movie, Hocus Pocus has been delighting audiences for three decades. The original horror comedy stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as three witches accidentally resurrected on Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts. The sequel has also arrived in these days to delight fans. Both films of Hocus Pocus are available on Disney +. If you’re not in the mood for real fear, this is the perfect compromise.

Wishes for your death

Available on Amazon Prime, this 2017 film tells the story of a college student named Theresa (Tree) who always wakes up on the same day: her birthday. But at the end of the day Tree dies, for the stab wounds of a maniac wearing a toddler mask. To break the spell Tree will try to unmask his killer, but will have to relive the same events over and over. And if you liked the story, you can watch the sequel Still wishes for your death.

Jennifer’s Body

Written by Academy Award winner Diablo Cody, Jennifer’s Body is played by Amanda Seyfried as Needy, whose childhood friend Jennifer (Megan Fox) is one of the most beautiful and admired girls in school. But there is a problem: Jennifer is possessed by a demon and can’t stop killing her kids and schoolmates. Available on Disney + and perfect for the Halloween weekend, it’s one feminist horror comedy that everyone will like.


Obviously, in the list of the scariest films of Halloween could not miss a classic like Psycho. 1960s film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, he became one of the best known titles in the horror / thriller genre. The plot is famous: Marion Crane, employed in a real estate company, escapes with $ 40,000 stolen from the company’s coffers. In her escape, she decides to stop in the Motel run by the young and disturbing Norman Bates and her mother, who however lives holed up in the house adjacent to the Motel itself. A great classic that will leave you breathless for a truly thrilling evening.

Monster House

Upon its release, this animation film it was a real success (both commercially and for critics). Monster House tells the story of three teenagers they discover their neighbors’ house is actually a living, scary monster. In fact, mysterious episodes occur in their neighborhood, and the children are convinced that it is their job to free the mansion possessed by the restless spirit of Nebbercracker and thus protect the city. Available on Netflix, it’s the perfect Halloween movie for everyone.

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