The 5-star Movement closes the electoral campaign in Piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome

The grillini have chosen one of the symbolic squares for the center-left. On stage together with Giuseppe Conte, the five star candidates and candidates. There will be Beppe Grillo

Appointment at in Piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome: the 5-star Movement the electoral campaign ends here, in one of the symbolic places for the center-left. A non-random choice, that of the grillino leader Giuseppe Conte, who will be on stage together with the pentastellated candidates. There will not be Beppe Grillo, but it is not excluded that the guarantor can send a message to his constituents. The event will be staged while in Piazza del Popolo – which yesterday hosted the final rally of the center-right – there will be the Pd of Enrico Letta. In the same, also in Rome, also the final event of the Third Pole which will be staged at the Gianicolo.

The grillino event was opened by Senator Alessandra Maiorino – accompanied by a group of young people from M5S from Civitavecchia – who spoke on the issue of rights and attacked the leader of Forza Italia: “Berlusconi predatory against young women”. After her there were the interventions of the young people. On stage also the group leader Mariolina Castellone and the former Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede: “We are the only ones in this electoral campaign to have talked about the fight against all mafias, perhaps because we are the only ones who can speak about it with credibility “, he said, claiming the work of the M5s.” In the justice sector we have the corrupt sweep law, which
coincidentally, the others want to dismantle the law on the red code, the laws against the mafia “.

Immediately after Bonafede, he appeared for a brief speech Giuseppe Conte, who harangued the square, asking for the last effort. “We must address the indifferent, we must convince those who no longer have faith in politics,” said the former premier who will return to the stage for the closing of the event. “This war, with which way out are we facing it? Do we want a negotiation or not? The government of the best asked us: do you want peace or the air conditioners turned on? Peace came out of the radar, we had to turn off the air conditioners “, he added before leaving space, among others, for Paola Taverna, Roberto Fico, Alessandra Todde, Riccardo Ricciardi and Sergio Costa.

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