the 6 rules of Julia Roberts

“Remove makeup every day”, we start with a bang when we note that in several interviews, Julia Roberts insists on this fundamental step of her skincare routine. The actress likes makeup removers that contain a little oil. But it’s just one of her secrets to staying young at 54.

Deep hydration: An essential part of Julia Roberts skincare is hydration. In an interview with Hollywood Life, the actress revealed that she applies so much moisturizer at night, that the cream can’t fully absorb into her skin. She uses baking soda: one of the famous people who loves this product is Julia Roberts, and she uses it every day. Indeed the actress revealed that she brushes her teeth with baking soda. He further explained: “The person who taught me this trick was my grandfather. He put a large amount of baking soda on his toothbrush and had no problems with his teeth.”

Julia Roberts, between baking soda and oily make-up remover

The most famous “pretty woman” in the world, in an interview with People, said: “As a mother, I have a responsibility to regularly take my children out, my great ally is a good sunscreen“. Indeed, the actress is well aware of the fact that the sun’s rays penetrate the clouds and then upon us in all seasons. In fact, she uses an SPF-based treatment or makeup or even a sunscreen, ensuring a 360-degree protective barrier effectively protecting the skin. One of her best antiaging tips from her.

Don’t forget to take care of your hands: Age is said to be most evident in two areas of the body: hands and neck, as they are the first areas to darken or wrinkle. Julia Roberts said in an interview: “My hands get very dry when I wash the dishes, so I use a moisturizer and a restorative hand cream.” In addition to the above skin care steps, Julia Roberts also adheres to a very healthy lifestyle: alcohol-free and vegetarian. Eating vegan foods can make your skin brighter, according to experts, a healthy diet free of inflammatory foods, make you drink more water, sleep well at night, exercise with sprints, reduce stress levels.

Skincare routine for women in their 40s and 50s: Gwyneth Paltrow’s wins

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